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    building regs and string margins

    Hi i have just been in contact with the building regulations on this point and they say that in BS5395 you can have this triangle left as long as the baserail support is no more than 50mm's away from the pitch line but it also says this applys only if the property is not a dwelling! i have had...
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    Loft much?

    Hi nice tip but i supply staircases nationwide and this is just an average figure
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    Tread Replacement

    Well my tip is to get a new staircase, but if you cant afford that make yourself a new tread out of the same thickness material probably 22mm you will have to cut the existing tread out and put your new tread in in 2 pieces fix ing it is a bit of a game but i'm sure you will cope. Remember if...
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    Stair nosing

    Be careful you need this nosing to be non-slip, Look at the Gradus website.
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    Stair Kits

    You need to be very carful trying to put laminate flooring onto your stair treads, you will need a stair nosing detail at the front and this needs to have anti-slip, and then the staircase is going to look more like a comercial staircase.
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    Loft much?

    The average cost for a new staircase for your loft is around £1000.00 for a Pine winder staircase with the handrail.
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    Wall Mounted Handrail

    Hi have you looked at the website they have wall mounted handrails and prices online, but they may have a minimum order?