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    Neff Fridge Freezer Compressor runs -low on gas ?

    So saga continues. Thermostat checked ok and compressor runs. Removed to my garage and cut one of the lines (l h side of compressor ) and virtually no gas came out. Is this the supply side and not under pressure? Think it could therefore be low on gas. Anyone in Northants I can bring it to for...
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    Neff Fridge Freeze

    Faultless service for 14 year of a built in FF but just lately it seems even on No 1 to be icing up the back and running a bit more than usual. No unusual noises. I was proposing to remove (a right ball ache) and ensure dust build up at back and around fan is removed. It defrosts but then the...
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    Lost BBC1 and 2 and some Freeview

    Hi All Current setup is a roof aerial about 17 yrs old fitted at time of first DTV. Splitter at aerial - one side goes to Optima box indoors and in to newish TV. Other cable goes to a 4 way powered amp which supplies the bedrooms and kitchen. Suddenly we have lost BBC1 and 2 and a handful of...
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    Lifting ceramic tiles to lay Karndean or similar....

    Our hall has ceramic tiles layer 20 yrs ago and now err indoors wants karndean or similar. The tiles will come up easily but I used loads of adhesive..... What's the best way to get rid of tile adhesive to get back to the screed? Is there something like a Kango hammer I can hire or is it best...
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    Wall hung Toilet

    hi Guys Plumbing in new wall hung toilet between Xmas and New Year in order to avoid visiting the MIL. Bought a frame and toilet combined from Victoria plumb. Cant find the height of the waste i.e. not sure if my existing waste elbow can be re-used. Can anyone tell me what I should buy by way...
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    Neff Dishwasher 12 yrs old

    Hi I have a 12 year old Neff Dishwasher which stays on with only cold water and the programme running for ages. We have cleared the fat trap. If you turn off the mains and then press reset the next wash is fine ,with heat ! Any ideas ? Del Boy
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    Enlarging 16yr old Pyronix Paragon System

    Hi all Can you help? I have a wired system with 6 pir s and a couple of panic buttons. we have had and extension so need to add in a couple more and put door contacts on 3 rear doors. One option would be to add in a wireless system with the control panel next to the existing one...
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    smart T V with Freesat-New Install

    guys After 12 years with the big box (early digital TV ) and incurring the wrath of my teenage kids I am biting the bullet ant buying a modern freesat tv and wall mounting in the lounge. I am looking for guidance as to what cabling to run to it. Walls are dry lined and I have successfully...
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    Landis and Gyr Diverter Valve

    Hi Guys I have a Worcester system Boiler fitted 3 yrs ago. Whole System is 18 yrs old and been trouble free, In last couple of days hot water ok but heating not coming on. It seems the boiler heats up to tank required temperature but shuts off after a few mins. Checked thermostat high...
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    Wiring in Replacement Extractor Fan

    Hi Guys Have just removed an extractor fan which was on a plug and replaced with a screwfix one which it says should go in to a fused spur. I am competient and can leave the socket and put a plug on (if that is legal) or better still put a Junction box in the bedroom above and run a fused...
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    Painting Rendered Front Bay-1900's House

    Hi Guys Can u help. 1900 house with a bay, paint and what looks like bitumen on the bay below the window peeling away- so want to re-paint this summer. guess I should peel off all flaking stuff then apply a new coat of bitumen ? What should I go over the top with. all the front is painted...
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    Internal French Doors 48 inch

    Can anyone suggest where I might buy new internal door 48inch total width in Manhattan style- I have spent hours on the web looking and now my wife thinks Ive got a virtual girlfriend !! There's plenty at total width 46 inch / Cheers Derek
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    Neff S4443N6GB/01 Dishwasher

    Can anyone help me-DW not really heating so suspected heater element or thermostat Got top off DW and noticed a micro switch on side of heater -this was closed circuit(no continuity) - I think this is some safety cut out switch ?? took thermostat off and checked continuity -seemed there...