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    Prepping Ceiling - Matt Over Silk Emulsion + Stains

    Hi - I realise that the above may have been covered [separately] before but was wondering if there is a single solution that I can use to resolve both problems. I am about to redecorate the bedroom and prefer to use matt instead of the silk currently on it. There are also blob shaped...
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    Wood Floor - Pipe Rosettes(?) For Micro Bore

    Am about to fit an engineered wood floor but wondered if anyone knew of pipe rosettes that are suitable for fitting around Micro Bore pipes as I can only find ones suitable for use with 15mm pipe. Not sure if they are covered in my shiny new Wooden Floor Installation Manual that is on its way.
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    Insulating Pipes to Condensing Boiler

    Hi I need to insulate the pipes going to and from the newly fitted [by a Gas Safe Registered Installer] Worcester Bosch Greenstar Boiler. Should these pipes be insulated from each other as well as from the ambient temperature please? I am having to use a pipe wrap rather than sleeves...
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    What Size Boiler?

    Hi - We have a flat in Fife where the boiler has finally decided it is time to go. We have been advised to replace it with a Worcester Bosch boiler. Greenstar 30 CDI. Where my puzzle starts is that this is a smallish 2 bedroom groundfloor flat with only two external walls. We recently had a...
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    Silicone Seal Release

    Some while ago I fitted a shower screen to the side of the bath. This is now in need of replacemen but I did too god a job. The scrws are removed but the silicone is still fixing the upright to the wall tiles and will not let go. I have tried a flexible palette knife but no luck I just cannot...
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    Cutting Disc - Expiry Date?

    Being a kind soul I lent my small angle grinder to a friend and thew in a packet of unopened stone cutting discs. When he returned the tool, complete with used and unused discs, he mentioned that the discs carried an Expiry Date (2006). Can anyone suggest why this would be so?
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    Fixed Shower Screen For Over Bath Shower

    Hi - We want to replace a folding shower screen with one that is fixed. Most we see are capable of swinging either way which could result in it being swung into the wash basin. Are there fixed screens readily available or if not could I stop it being moved by running a seal of clear Silicone...
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    Halstead Experienced Magician Wanted

    Over the past 18 months we have had problems with a Halstead Ace and now need somebody experienced in nursing one of these beasts back to life. Problems include Lock Out or simply not firing up or burner dropping out but no real pattern. We live in the Birmingham area. Thanks Alex
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    Wooden Toy Making

    Help - does anyone know of on-line suppliers of components for wooden toys? I need some couplers for a wooden train set. I have seen plastic couplers and also the magnetic ones but cannot find a supplier on-line.
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    Dish Washer AEG Built In - Excess Moisture Venting?

    Firstly apologies for poor title. My sister in law has a new dishwasher in a new house. The working surface immediately above the dishwasher showed signs of swelling. She called the builders in who although agreeing to change the work surface said that the fault lay with the Dishwasher (not...
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    Oak Engineered Floor - Decision Time.

    We are looking to have an engineered wood floor laid. The suppliers who laid our carpet recommend flooring by V4. Has anyone a view on whether this product is OK? The top layer is 4mm.
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    Lounge Water Feature :(

    We were doing some preparatory work prior to having a new carpet fitted today. However on Saturday I discovered just where the cowboy who built the extension had buried the water pipes to the utility room. Imagine the scene - drill hole in floor and withdraw drill at which point I get hit in...
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    Running A Washing Machine From Hot or Cold Supply Only

    Only after writing the plea for help below did I think to do a search of the site and my answers to Q's 1&2 Cutting a long story short - on Saturday I was fitting an oak threshold between two rooms and drilled through the cold supply to the utility room. Looked funny but wasn't really. The...
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    Best Radiator Advice

    Just about to have new carpets but need to replace the radiators before this happens. Used Stelrad in the past but looking at various web sites has only served to confuse. The radiators will in all probability have radiator covers at some time (the current ones were built in situ so...
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    Which Primer?

    I am painting some exterior woodwork and would normally use a Dulux or Leyland solvent based paints. I was reading elsewhere of someone using a primer then undercoat that could be each painted over after only 30 minutes whereas the Dulux one I bought says 16 hours before next coat. The faster...
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    No More Nails Problem

    Help Doing a bit of repair to a window frame I fixed a couple of small wedge shaped pieces in using 'No More Nails' as I had a tube handy. Note: The repair will be over painted once completed. This morning I saw that the tube I picked up was for Interior use. Do I need to remake or will...
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    Getting Rid Of Old Wax Polish Before Repainting?

    I need to repaint some pine furniture that has been cleaned using furniture polish that possibly contains silicons. What can I use please? Please note: I do not want it back to natural pine. Thanks for looking
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    Hotpoint Oven

    My daughter has a Hotpoint BS11 Fan Oven that has a broken selector knob and a failed fan. Can anyone please advise where I can obtain a spare knob and also whether it is possible for me to replace the fan? I originally worked on white goods and also electrical installations but that was...
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    Marks On Coffee Table

    Help - I rested a new bench grinder that has rubber feet on a solid wood coffee table. Not sure of the wood but is very light with close grain - beech or ash? The coffee table is finished in a clear matt coat which may be a polyurethane varnish. What I fear is that the surface finish...
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    Pendant Ligth Fitting - 6 Branch

    I am about to change the light fittings in the main room. The present ones are fixed [via screws and plastic plugs] into a substantial plaster centre piece. The centre pieces are well fixed but I feel that the lights should be fixed to a timber batten to spread the load. Advice please.