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    Replace Heating Controller

    Hi all, My central heating runs off an old oil boiler which uses a Siemens RWB2E controller and doesn't have a room thermostat anywhere. By the looks of it the controller only controls the heating as the hot water is an immersion heater with a separate supply. There are three cables to the...
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    Add 2nd CU?

    Hi all, I am refurbishing my house bit by bit and the next big job is fitting a new kitchen. The whole house needs a rewire and this will be done as I refurbish each area. The house is fairly big so cable runs can be quite long. A couple of years ago I had an electrician install a metal CU and...
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    Holes in roofing membrane

    Hi all I have a large garage under construction and it’s currently got a white membrane on covered by battens (not sure what you call it) on the roof. I had a fire in the garden and unfortunately the wind picked up and blew some embers over the roof and I now have a number of small holes in...
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    Ten Inch Skirtings

    Hi all I am just about to start fitting 10 inch Victorian style skirting boards to my living room. They come in 2 pieces with the moulded bit having a groove and the plain bit having a tongue. I have been experimenting with how best to join the 2 pieces and in doing so have discovered that...
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    Backing Coat - Wykamol

    Hi. Does Wykamol Renovating plaster need a backing coat of Universal Mortar when applying to bare brick? Spec sheet seems to suggest so but I am not 100% sure. Thanks D
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    Damp course help

    Hi all, I have a damp issue in the majority of the walls in my old (1896) house and asked a company some time back to come and install a damp course. They came along and did as requested and installed one of the modern cream based damp courses. This is the only bit they did, i.e. they didn't...
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    Refacing Stone

    Hi all, Would anyone happen to know whether stone lintels / cills can be refaced in situ? See pics of damaged cill and lintel at the back of the house, these are the worst 2. Will they have to be taken out and replaced or is it posible to reface them in stone?? Also I have a front window...
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    Garage Floor

    Hi all, I am building quite a large garage and I want to build the floor with insulation (like a house), underfloor heating and possibly a polished concrete floor. Any advice on construction of the floor. For example should I go 150mm MOT, compacted, 100mm insulation and 150mm concrete?? I am...
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    Soil Pipe

    Morning all, I would like to replace a soil stack that goes up past the gutter (its a bungalow) with a short stack of about 1m high. I understand that this can be done with a special type of capping but could somebody please advise what would be needed. Is this approach acceptable from a...
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    Land Drain & FoulDrain - Same Trench

    Hi all, Is there any reason why I shouldn't put both a surface water/land drain pipe and a foul drain pipe in the same trench?? They are going to different outlets but in the same general area and from the same building. Thanks D
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    Foul drain - minimum fall

    Hi all, I have been reading about recommended falls for foul drains and as far as I can tell they are anywhere between 1 in 40 and 1 in 80. According to Wyre Council they can be anywhere between 1 in 40 and 1 in 110. For my scheme I think I can manage around 1 in 60. Would this be adequate...
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    Old fashioned septic tank

    I have an old style septic tank in my garden that looks like it is made out of cast concrete. I understand the basics of how the tank works but I cant find the outlet I was expecting. I can see into the smaller chamber of the tank (which appears to contain mostly water) and I can see what...
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    Earth Rod - DIY

    Electric board were at my house just before Xmas and discovered I dont have an incoming earth to the property. For now they have fitted a temporary RCD but I obviously need to get an earth fitted. Is this something I could tackle myself or does it need a qualified spark? Obviously it would be...
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    Building driveway on heavy clay soil

    Morning all. I tried searching the forum for an answer to this one but had no luck. I want to put a fairly large hammer head drive in next to my house;it will ultimately lead up to a new garage. It will most likely be a gravel drive and due to the levels involved it will be on a shallow(ish)...
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    Damp proofing courses for new tradesmen

    Hi all, Could anyone point me in the right direction for how my brother can get accredited to install damp course systems with insurance backed guarantees please? He is already a plasterer and many years ago we both worked with a guy who did this for a living. I am just looking at how I can...
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    Large loft tank

    I have posted before about issues we have at this house with low water pressure. Cut a long story short rather than using a break tank (which I was considering) we will be connecting to a supply 450m away but its going to be some time before this can happen. In the meantime if I put a large...
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    Home Automation - High Voltage side

    When we build the extension at the rear of the house I would like to introduce some Home Automation including control of lights (ON/OFF/DIM), control of some specific outlets (e.g. lamps, fans) plus some audio visual stuff. I am happy with the low voltage side of what is needed but I am trying...
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    Help for Henry

    Hi, My partners Henry hoover packed in the other day so she went out and bought a new one. I wouldn't mind the old one for the garage and I am pretty sure there isn't much wrong with it. I have checked the fuse and the cable itself but they both seemed OK. I think the motor is probably OK and...
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    Hose Tail Reducer

    Part of my compressor set up in my garage has a hosetail that will go to a sandblasting pot. I have used good quality hydraulic fittings to try and keep the bore as wide as possible. The hosetail is about 18mm and I need to reduce it down to attach the hose. Is there such a thing as a hosetail...
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    Broken Ring

    I mentioned the other day in my thread about compressor wiring that I have a socket in the living room that has a disconnected cable due to having melted at some point in the past. It has been playing on my mind a little since. Is this situation dangerous? I susumu the danger lies in some one...