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    Match existing Patio Slabs

    Only problem is they are from New Zealand - shipping will be a bit expensive! - How did you find them?
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    Match existing Patio Slabs

    Hi , has anyone got any suggestions of how I can match some existing slabs? They are quite unusual - a natural pebble finish. They are at least 15 years old and are 40cm Square. Are there any websites, or suppliers of old slabs? Any suggestions gratefully received as I don't want to replace...
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    TMV Fault

    I contacted Ultra and they sent out an engineer. Apparently the mixer mechanism was broken - replaced for free under 10 year warranty - excellent service :D
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    TMV Fault

    Hi, I have a bath/shower mixer (one from ultra-group). It has two taps on it one feeding the shower, the other for the bath - plus a separate temperature control. The problem I have is that the unit only provides really low flow on the hot water - it works fine with the cold. I initially...
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    Can I remove he screed from a block & beam floor?

    Okay, say the screen works out to be 50mm deep, and I removed this. If I buy top spec insulation board, and add UFH on top, do I need to add a screed layer ontop of that before the tiles, or is there a better way (considering I don't want it to be too deep). Is there a production where you...
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    Can I remove he screed from a block & beam floor?

    I guess I need to see how deep it is by doing a test site. How easy is it to remove the screed, is like sh*t to a blanket, or does it crumble after a small amount if abuse?
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    Can I remove he screed from a block & beam floor?

    Our kitchen floor is a block & beam floor built in 1989. I would ideally like to install underfloor heating (UFH),and I was wondering whether I could: 1. Lift the screed base 2. Install insulation boards 3. Install UFH pipes 4. Tile This would mean the floor height would still be around...
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    Glow Worm Heat Exchanger leaking - will Fernox F4 work?

    Hi All, my mate has had problems with his Glow Worm Boiler. I'm unsure of the model number at this stage, but it is only about 5 years old. Initially the PCB blew up, which was replaced ok. What he did notice a little while later was water near the PCB. Its only a small leak/weap, but it...
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    Vaillant control optimisation

    Hi DH2, the problems you are experiencing sound familiar to my situation. I have the Ecotec618, VR65 and VRC430. The instructions are poor and the support from Vaillant is just as bad. I think the units are quite complex, and can probably perform really well, but unless they are setup...
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    Vaillant ECOTEC PLUS 624 - F75

    The product your after is Magnaclean . Have a search on the forum, there are plenty of discussions on the product. I've got one on my ecoTEC 618 and its fine (at the moment).
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    Vaillant VRC430 installation advice

    I have spoken to Vaillant again today about this issue. The chap (Jaz) who I spoke to was a lot more helpful than the previous bloke. He was still struggling a bit with the manual and agreed that there was important information missing. He has sent me a 'easy guide' which might help (can't...
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    Vaillant VRC430 installation advice

    Thanks, I totally agree with your opinion of the manual. In some ways it lacks technical supporting information, and then sometimes it baffles you with un-explained jargon. I will try modulating to see what that does. - Its a shame I am having to resport to a suck & see approach. Just out...
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    Vaillant VRC430 installation advice

    Hi, I have just installed a VRC 430 wall mounted connected via Ebus to a ecoTEC 618. I am trying to work out what function to set to enable the temp sensor in the VRC430. Using the manual it mentions screen C8 Room Temperature Control which gives 3 options - none, modulating and...
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    I fitted the Salamander ESP. Make sure you fit it on a solid base to cut the noise. The heavier the better. If you have sufficient space then a heavy concrete block would be ideal. Make sure you read the instructions properly and fit a surrey flange to your cylinder. Is your header tank big...
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    Vertical Flue issue

    Hi, I am having a vertical flue fitted with my new boiler next week. Before you all ask, the plumber is Corgi registered. My only concern is his approach to fitting the vertical flue. We have a tiled pitched roof, and he is providing a Vaillant Vertical Flue Kit, with associated tile...
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    ecoTEC boiler with Vaillant UniSTOR

    You were right about isolating at the stop cock, that will stop the cold mains feed into the kitchen tap, and should also stop the mains into the tank. Once you drain off a bit of hot water, the tank will loose pressure, and stop flowing. You will be left with a tank of water, but not going...
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    New Boiler sizing

    Just spoke to Vaillant Technical, and basically they believe that over-sizing (within reason) your boiler is not an issue and the system will modulate. The I stated my Radiator load (15Kw) and the cylinder load (20KW), and the 624 has come up as recommended. At the end of the day the 624 can...
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    Pre-new system Powerflush - which product to use ?

    The problem I am presented with is my boiler is scaled up and kettling heavily. If I add Fernox restorer now, I have a couple of weeks to run in the system before the boiler is due to be replaced. I am concerned that running the boiler is going to spead loads of crud around the CH system. The...
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    Pre-new system Powerflush - which product to use ?

    Thanks, I've been told by someone that Fernox do not recommend running an acid based cleaner through radiators older than 10 years. Should I just run a chemical based cleaner such as Fernox Restorer?