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    switchmaster blue valve thingy

    has he fitted new valve in correct position?
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    Myson Apollo Fanfare Boiler not working

    cold feed is blocked-leave to a proper heating engineer
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    No Power to Central Heating Pump

    thermostat on the boiler is your problem my friend
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    Upstairs Radiators Wont Bleed Properly

    why not cut pipework and clear the blockage
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    no hot water in kitchen

    debris in the dhw flow switch
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    How to test which pcb ?

    fan venturi probably full of fluff
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    Ocean Alpha 240p combi boiler problem

    check other switches on front of boiler
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    Blown PCB

    change the boiler my friend-it owes you nothing
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    GLOW-WORM 30CXi problem please help.

    plate heat exchanger full of debris...needs to be removed and flushed or replaced
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    boiler probs?

    pcb on boiler
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    How much should I pay for installation

    corgiman is having a laugh!!!
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    recommend a boiler please

    vaillant ecotechs are the dogs dangleys
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    Burner and pilot go out together

    boiler overheating-have you checked pump is running.....
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    Central Heating Pump running constantly

    where is the boiler fitted?
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    Central Heating Pump running constantly

    where is the boiler fitted-im thinking about a froststat..........
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    Poor Heat from Rads

    be honest my friend-new boiler and rads reqd......
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    Thermal paste for thermistor

    what are you fitting it to???
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    Potterton EP2002 Controller Problem?!

    potterton/baxi now provide a complete modification kit for the suprima boilers