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    Potterton Promax HE Plus / S Plan / Nest wiring

    Honeywell ST9120C. Replacing with Nest is a doddle, but was checking all the rest of the wiring at the same time, so wanted to make sure.
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    Potterton Promax HE Plus / S Plan / Nest wiring

    Hi, I'm in the process of fitting Nest for my mother-in-law and tidying up some very messy wiring at the same time. Standard S Plan layout with Potterton Promax HE Plus boiler. Currently, the live supply to the wiring centre comes from the load side of the 3A FCU and then there are permanent...
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    Reference method for cables above insulation

    The insulation is about the same height as the joists (between the joists), so in a worst case scenario the cable would be touching the insulation on one side. Intuitively, I would have thought that the CCC would be higher if there is insulation beneath the cable and nothing above it, rather...
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    Reference method for cables above insulation

    Folks, Apologies if this has been covered already, but I've been struggling to find a definitive answer to this. What reference method should be applied to cables clipped along the tops of joists in a loft (perpendicular to the joists) with insulation underneath? 100 and 101 have the...
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    Access to HepVO traps

    Hi, My bathroom is above an integral garage. I used inline HepVO traps for the bath and shower so that I could fit the bath as low to the floor as possible and also fit a low level shower tray directly on the floor (and partly because I like the idea of the HepVO traps). I removed the...
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    Tanking and shower tray with adhesive upstands

    Hi, I will be installing a Daryl low lever shower tray which comes with an adhesive upstand (which is thin, so won't need recessing into the walls). I'll also be tanking the shower area using the BAL WP1 tanking kit. My question is - should I tank the entire shower area, including walls...
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    Integral garage - plasterboard ceiling access hatch

    Hi, My bathroom is directly above an integral garage. I recently completely refitted the bathroom and removed the plasterboard ceiling in the garage to complete all of the plumbing and drainage from below (which I had to do to gain access to the drains etc). I now intend to refit the garage...
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    Using soil vent pipe for bathroom fan

    Hi, Is it permissable to T into a soil vent pipe with the outlet from a bathroom roof extractor fan just before the vent pipe goes through the roof? I can't see any obvious issues with this, but perhaps I'm missing something. My bathroom fan is right next to the vent pipe in the loft so it...
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    Tanking and general paranoia

    Hi, Having recently just finished a total refit of our main bathroom, I'm now preparing to tackle a total refit of the en-suite. In the main bathroom, I fitted an upstand shower tray on a mortar bed, recessed into the plasterboard walls. I got a pro into do the tiling. He used BAL White...
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    Shower waste / hepvo connection

    Folks, This is probably a silly question, but are there fittings available to connect a 40mm waste pipe directly to a shower waste outlet? The only fittings I have seen with the 'correct' connection to a waste outlet are conventional traps. I don't want to fit a trap directly to the shower...