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    56 Astra van accelerator sticking

    Sorry yes it is.
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    56 Astra van accelerator sticking

    Have started to have problems with accelerator. When pulling away and changing gear, with foot off the accelerator it is still reving very high for a couple of seconde before dropping off. I have cleaned out the throttle chamber on the air intake but problem still exists. Was wondering if this...
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    ADT Alarm Honeywell CP038 Grade 3 Class II

    I would replace all the batteries. As they will have been installed at the same time this is the first one to report, the others nodoubt will follow soon.
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    Focus oil consumption

    Have a 1.4 54 petrol focus in with enging fault diag report " Catalyst system efficiency below threshold bank 1" pos due to oxy sensor at cat ? but enging also using lots of oil. No leaks so must be burning ? prob what causing fault in 1st place. Any one know of known fault on this model of...
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    eurosec alarm pad

    I thought the no button just took you around in circles, you have to press the "0" button to escape this loop.
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    Putting house into A Family Trust

    Can anyone give pros and cons into putting house into a family trust. Im not looking at having to go into a home yet as only 49 lol, but looking into the future at protecting inheritance to the Children. Or any other advice would be welcome.
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    Not optional ! like oasis says if a jb is not tampered than the complete system will be downgraded to a Grade 1 system.
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    Best diy wired alarm system under £200

    The texacom one would do the job it as a grade 1 unit sutaible for domestic systems. We use them all the time for domestics.
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    outdoor halogen lamp keeps blowing

    i have fitted a 300w halogen fitting with pir outside and the lamp has blown 3 times in 1 week. What could this be? All connections are tight and the lamp is in securely
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    Pyronix Burglar alarm

    is this with your meter lead on each side of the fuse ? Ie red lead on one side and black on the other side if yes then the fuse is blown. put your meter on to 20v dc then with the mains on only test across each fuse there should be no voltage if there is then that fuse is blown. if you have...
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    Ford C Max drivers side floor flooded

    Cheers will look at the above and try to sort it out will post back results.
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    Ford C Max drivers side floor flooded

    The drivers side floor well is soaking cant see ingress from rain but air con has been mentioned what can I check for is this common on the C Max Thanks Grahame
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    Changing entry on Veritas 8

    If you have the engineers book and know the eng number you can change the circuit from alarm to entry.
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    Clone Key Access Fob

    Most access systems will not allow you to simply clone a fob. There will either be a master fob to allow programming or a master code that is input to the main pcb.
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    very noisy neighbours extra advice needed

    If you are on a repayment mortgage you could explain the situation to your lender and they may let you pay the interest only for a period of time. Its worth asking.
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    Does Veritas R8 allow GSM or Telephone Unit

    You need to go into engineer mode and set the zones for either entry exit (which starts the entry tone) or walk through (allows you to pass through after the entry exit zone has activated) each zone needs to be programmed 11 for Z1, 12 for Z2, 13 for Z3 and 14 for Z4 select...
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    Word Association

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    Word Association

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    Word Association

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    Word Association