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    Bridged dpc and tanking advice

    always treat the cause not the symptom if it is due to nabours path then you need to get it lowerd or otleast you need to be abel to excavate and tank externaly try a new aproach with nabour (ask him if he knows anything about damp and if he implies he dose aske him to look at yours and tell...
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    Kitchen & Toliet

    private dwelling wc off kitchen ok but nobody likes them though. If you don/t need it or particuarly want it Take it out and cap drain befor discussing your alterations with lbco, they dont like you takeing out downstairs w/c if they know about ithem but if it is taken out befor you start...
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    move or extend?

    I wouldnt recomend a loft conversion if you need a bigger kitchen likewise if its more bedroom space you need then I wouldn0t consider a consevetory. :? First think hard about your life and why you want to move/extend both are a major headace :cry: if the answere is need bigger then realy...
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    Hi all. I think I may have wired something wrong...any help?

    read the sticky it will reveal all
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    Cooker Hood switch Position

    take your fused suply to the hood back up to the ceiling and then drop it down the chimney
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    Smoke Alarms

    why not look at a new heat detector type in the kitchen with optical or ionisation in the louge and near the bedrooms Im not sure which way around it is but one is less likley to triger because you have burnt the bacon. as someone said the fire brigade will give v good free advice having looked...
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    MK 6400S?

    depends were u are most decent suppliers should be able to get them in a couple of days Square D fit but some have vieu that mixing componants isnt a good idea
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    Do I really have to move my gas flue?

    reply stateing that you refuse to move the flue because it is correctly installed x distance from the boundry of the 2 properties and add that you require your nabour to remove the fence which has been placed on your land. Note you cant make him do anything and vice versa only a court can do...
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    Do I have to move my gas flue?

    I would go with his parents gave you verbel permission If he wishes to pursue thriugh courts it will cost him and the most likley remedy a juge will give is to grant you an easment for which you will have to pay possibly £10. He can't force you to do anything nore can he touch your property...
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    converting TT to PME

    Am I right in thinking that when this is done there will be no harm leaving the old Rod connected or should I remove it
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    New plaster sounds hollow!

    what sort of plaster are youusing
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    ceiling insulation problem????

    Kingspan or celotex are good you would now need about 120mm thickness of either to achive curent regs. easy option would be to go for 50mm backed plasterboard and fix direct, I would take off the old plasterboard and do the job right with insulation between rafters as well but its not a...
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    Cracks in Chimney Breast

    How wide are the cracks average - penney. pencil. :twisted: broom shaft How old is your property is there an upstairs fireplace Is this an external wall or party wall with next door can you see any cracks externally dose your chimney stack look straight
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    water dripping behind fire?

    they may have fitted the cowel to the wrong flue, you may also need the chimney properly flaunching What sort of fires / fuel are you using
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    MCB TRipping

    are plug fuse's like rewirable in that they get weaker over time/repeated overload hence this would explain why new fuse in plug didn't blow. (Not withstanding your assertion it should only be 3a-5a)
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    Im not haveing a dig :twisted: . i dont know im a builder :wink: But my reply took me about !/" Hr to Type and spel check so didnt see tours.
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    Square D (domestic

    CEF only had wylex and wouldnt swap out the incomers for what I wanted so ended going elswere where tthey would. So I now Know Crabtree and wylex are identical unles the dinrail is diiferint. will I de abel to get a converter kit for a NH wilex bord pref split load
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    Disconnection time for a Shower

    stick it on the RCD side of a board or on an RCBO and future proof
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    tecKies Experts :twisted: and though not in the same class Proper Sparkys 8) may tell you different but A 100A main switch will allow you to switch off up to 100A safely :) it doesn't mater if less is going through you will be safe. If you are a domestic customer the main fuse is probably...