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    Best aproach

    Im thinking of building a single storey lean to extension on a detached house 3m x 6.2m will i need plans submitted,as what i believe is, im within the guide lines of the current government requirements. So will i need to contact council regarding building regs.It's a bit confusing is to what...
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    ideal logic 30 no hot water

    Is it not still under warranty??I had exactly the same problem in a rental property.They were out next day and replaced a part. sorry don't know which part,but was very impessed with ideal customer service..
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    which dry hip kit will be the cheapest and do the job

    probably sandtoft and universal hip trays..
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    Have these slate vents been installed correctly?

    cowboy job!! only one slate should be wired,Lead staps are not acceptable Plus the vent is not installed correctly..
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    Dripping Dormer

    I would remove the lead roof,and replace with single ply weigh lead in to help with cost of new roof..
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    Redland regent tile- dry verge sytem??

    Manthorpe work fine.Just done a massive job with them and Regent combo.
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    New roof leaking

    Valley looks ok.My bet would be at the top where it abuts that wall!!
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    Peugeot 206 ABS warning light?

    Replace both rear abs sensors = sorted,Commonn fault on pug's
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    Velux or roof leaking ?

    we have had a lot of problems which appears to be a leak But is condensation from a warm roof.If the void is over insulated and no air circulation, it is probably condensation..
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    Bricklayer Costs and time

    It helps massively if your in the construction trade.Im a roofer and just built an extension. I know a lot of trades, so was fortunate to get a brickie As I would be struggling as well, Construction has really picked up. My advice would be to get a price. Day rate is for lazy people..
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    upvc French patio doors

    Just fitted the doors today.fixed door sides with metal straps fixed to inside block work.But have not fixed the centre and its flexing. What is the best procedure to get round this,Its a galvanised lintel above.
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    Poor tiling around Velux?

    More like 20 Degree!! No was is that 30 Degree..
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    Best cordless screwdriver

    Screwfix are selling a 10.8v titan impact for £60.
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    Roof problem attaching to party wall.

    Keep the pics coming.Im very interested in the finished job. :wink:
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    Roof problem attaching to party wall.

    Im a little further on.Just fitted velux windows and started slating roof today,Yes it does take over your life organising everything. I just keep telling myself it will get done sooner or later. Oh and got soaked in this great British weather of ours.
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    Roof problem attaching to party wall.

    Good luck with your project.Im also in the middle of a extension I had to move my manhole as it was in direct line of founds..
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    How do you fix Dry Verge's

    They are fixed in to the end of the tile batten they are usually 25mm over gable end. yours will probably need extending if done properly Which means stripping tiles and extending tile batten. Cowboys don't do it properly and do anything from screwing in to existing mortar verge and using...
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    Roof problem attaching to party wall.

    What does the drawings say in getting around the soil stack. What do you intend to do with the manhole. That's one monster extension your building.
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    mazda deisel oil change

    It doesn't goes there after a failed dpf regeneration thats why you must use a c1 or jaso dl-1 spec oil. its a Mazda design to clean the dpf using diesel.
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    mazda deisel oil change

    Its hit the x mark because the dpf has failed to regenerate,and has dumped diesel in to the sump.This must be drained immediately along with a new oil filter,is it a 2.0 or 2.2 id guess its a 2.0 as they are more problematic..