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    Can a Greenstar Heatslave be used on an direct system?

    I hooked up to the coil, but I reckon the return temperature is higher than preferable and so the boiler is cycling and not getting into condensing mode. So I'm guessing I should fit a radiator to dump some of the heat, is there an easy way of calculating what size that should be?
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    Can a Greenstar Heatslave be used on an direct system?

    Choice of solar direct coil or Open vented ports on my Gledhill Sol Thermal store. I'm hooked up to the Solar coil at present but it is low in the store. Me I just thought heat rises, but the OV boiler ports are nearer the middle where CH flow comes out of the store, so get that part hot...
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    Existing Woodburning Stove to Thermal Store, How to add Combi?

    My worry was that the Combi would waste oil keeping the heat exchanger ready to supply DHW...and Gledhill the TS manufacturer issued doom laden warnings that running two sources of hot in one property could cause problems back flowing through mixers...I'm thinking of having lever valves, low...
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    Unusual patio door handle

    Yale 310mm? Or ERA the key measurements are the spacing between lock and spindle.
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    Panelling as alternative to cladding/rendering

    You could achieve that affect in woodgrain upvc. Wrap a thin sheet of the 2mm stuff around and fix where the framing is located and then cover those fixings with the frame which you could use flat upvc trim bonded in place. That stuff bends easy.
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    Upvc door won't lock

    Take your parts into a window door manufacturer? They usually have lots of odd bits and pieces. Also a graveyard of stuff they have taken out.
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    uPVC window in wooden frame ?

    PVC window into wood structure? A fitters dream, 2 minute job, measure as tight as you can, check for square, screw the frame in place and caulk around it with silicone or a waterproof caulk if the woodwork is to be painted.
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    Raising a threshold for bifold doors

    Just order them smaller in height. Sounds like you figured that bit out, so the problem is the gap it will leave? You would just pack them up and fill the gap with cement or even foam and then render over.
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    Existing Woodburning Stove to Thermal Store, How to add Combi?

    Hullo chaps first post, looks like some good knowledge here; some advice please. In the deepest wilds of the back of beyond where plumbers fear to tread I have a house with the following set up: 16KW woodburner sends 12kw of heat on a good day via gravity fed open vented 28mm pipes to a 300L...