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    Vinyl Floor covering lifting

    Last December I have new vinyl flooring fitted in my kitchen. Approx 4m x 3m and a few in's and out's. Recently it has started rippling/lifting/bubbling call it what you will but the appearance is spoilt. I want to re-lay it and remedy the problem it probably is not as simple as I think which...
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    Using Paving slabs as a patio boundary

    I am thinking of using half patio slabs on end as a boundary for the rear and sides of my patio. There is roughy an 8 inch height drop from one side of teh garden to the other. I can then use the area between the upturned slab and fencing gravel boards as raised flower beds. I am unsure of the...
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    Patio Project

    I am starting a new patio and would like to know if its best to edge dge the area first of afterwards and the best way to go about it. Overall size approx 7.5m x 3.5m Any general advice much appreciated.