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    Karndean or amtico over tiled floor

    Judging by posts on here and google its said that you need a screed layer ocer the tiles before laying the vinyl floor down My question is , has anyone done this without doing so and if a screed is needed whats the minimum depth you can get away to stop the floor level increasing too much? any...
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    Door Window Pane

    Im looking to get the glass obsecured in the door window pane. Is it better to get the glass changed for sandblasted glass or to get one of those films that you can just stick on Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated image of door :
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    15mm supply on gas inlet on Greenstar 24 Ri

    Hi guys need some help Have moved into my new house which has a Greenstar 24RI boiler installed by British Gas 3 years ago. I have just had a gas engineer out to have a look at changing the 1980s radiators to new ones , and he has told me that the boiler is installed incorrectly and needs a...