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    Samsung Smart TV

    Recently purchased Samsung Smart TV. Also purchased new Belkin router. On the TV's network setting it indicates connection to the internet is OK. However on Smart hub cannot get BBC Iplayer, Web browser, Skype or indeed anything on the Smart hub. Initially I did manage to get on to the web...
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    Ideal Logic Combi 35 boiler

    Lots of posts about boilers using too much gas so my apologies for yet another. I am looking after my brother's apartment while he is away and have been providing him with gas meter readings. As the gas usage seemed high I have taken a reading every day at the same time for a week. There...
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    Grohe concealed cistern

    I need to replace the bellows in our Grohe concealed cistern. I have removed the hose, the spigot but how do I reach the bellows? I am sure I can do this myself without involving a plumber. Many thanks