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    Polystyrene Coving

    If you want your room to look c**p, use it.There is plaster coving that you can buy that is light weight and easy to put up.
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    web site

    i have my own basic site set up by a listings company.can i get it upgraded without using this company
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    how to paint? with (oil based) gloss

    there is no substitute for using the proper amounts of coats to any surface.why do people have to use 1 coat paint.throw it away and prime,rub down,undercoat (not diy store paint) rub down again gently either using fine sandpaper or a sanding pad and then clean with tack cloth and paint with...
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    New wallpaper over a vinyl wallpaper

    problem 1 any overlap on existing paper will have to be dealt with before new paper goes on problem 2 make sure the joints from the old do not line up with the new. spend a bit of time and take off the old.will be worth it in the end. preperation is everything
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    Estimate on price per square metre for tiling

    about £15 square metre
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    Removal of paint from exterior brickwork.

    I used it last year and found it worked a might not get it all off in one go so have to do it again.only problem is it ain't cheap
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    Paint flaking on soffit - why ??

    scrape off loose paint.stabilise with pva or conventional stabiliser.float out any ridges with filler and spot these with pva.paint as usual.easy
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    sand after undercoat?

    if you run your hand over the undercoat,you will probably find bits in it.i always rub down gives it a crystal finish.
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    Oil stain on wall paper

    the denso tape you used need not have been used indoors.its mainly for outside use against freezing.if you stainblock with gloss this will stop the problem.i have used this method before.hope it works out
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    Decorating hall and stairs

    ladder and most times.if not,hang on for dear life.
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    RE grouting a shower cubicle

    clean out the grout and replace with caulk.its waterproof.does not discolour and you would never know the difference
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    Holes in the walls!

    use a piece of oversized plasterboard.fix it into the back side of it with gripfill and float over the top.if done properly,it will not be seen
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    Grouting question

    why not try caulk.goes on with no mess,dos'nt shrink,waterproof and can be wiped off.also can if need be ,be painted.
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    General Election

    if i had my way it would be against the law to not vote.and it should also be against the law to not vote many were crucified by that excuse of a human being they called thatcher.with all there problems,they are still the party of the working class,you can't please everyone.look at...
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    flights to turkey

    its not a case of too expensive.there are 8 of us and we are trying to get the best deal without having to bankrupt a third world country
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    flights to turkey

    anyone know where i can get the cheapest flights to turkey?been all over the net,but prices seem too high.going end of may/start of june. _______________________ moderator 4
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    Tiling uneven wall

    if you are not sure how to bond,just use the broken tiles,turn them round and fix them with the tile adhesive
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    Painting newly plastered walls

    have a look at my reply to paint that stays white.same rules apply
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    Brush or Roller?

    if you are painting the ceiling,just paint direct on with dwp matt need for sealing.its what its designed for
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    Brush or Roller?

    if you are painting the ceiling,just paint direct on with dwp matt need for sealing.its what its designed for