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    current scrap prices

    Hi does anyone know what the current scrap prices are for heavy copper, mixed brass and braizery, ta
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    Advice on power shower.

    Hi, ive got to install a new mixer shower and pump but i dont normally get too involved in this kind of work so need a bit of advice...... going to fit the pump in a/c but the shower will be a good 25m run away, (with pipework runnig through the loft) what pump would be best for the long run and...
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    oil control box

    hi, can you still get a satronic tf830.2 control box or is there a replacement box available (fitted to a sterling burner) ta
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    wallpaper - offset match???

    Hi, have been trying to hang wallpaper all day and cant get the pattern to match. It says on the roll offset match - what does this mean?
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    service provider& key

    hiihave jus purchased a reposesion and it has a prepay key meterwhich is £22 indebt, i dont know who provides the electric to the property and whether its down to me to pay off the debt???? also where do you buy the keys from or get them topped up?? any help would be good. thanks
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    painting over black??

    Hi, i just just moved into a new house and the stairs banister and spindles have been painted gloss black, what is the best way to paint it white?? sand it, primer it or just go straight on with the white???
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    price for hrm combi

    hi what sort of price are hrm wallstar combi's going for now? im guessing they now do a condensing version, cant really seem to find alot on the web.... what are plumb center / city selling for???
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    gas rate combi

    hi need a quick bit of advice, ive got to gas rate a new combi tomorrow but i havnt done this for a while and then it was on the old ideal classics years ago not combi's could anyone give me a quick tune up.... thanks