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    What am I missing?

    I've been called out to a house where half the lights are out but the circuit breaker has not tripped This happened after a couple of bulbs blew and only affects the extension that was put on 10 years ago I've checked all lights and switches ,no loose connections, all lives and neutral are...
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    what am I missing?

    Got a call from a hotel about a room where the lights have tripped, checked it out not good,bedside lights wired from L2 on bathroom light switch etc.Changed to permenant live replaced fuse everything good. 10 days later got a recall,powers off again checked found bathroom light had loop to...
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    Three Phase Circuit Breakers

    Can three single phase circuit breakers[one on each phase of course]be used rather than a three phase breaker?
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    indesit wixe 127 washing machine

    No power going to control panel,but power going to the rest of the machine,any ideas?