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    Cancelation contracts

    Am I being thick here or,as Iam now starting to think,do tradespeople actualy recognise the seriousness of this legislation. Basically from October 2008 it is now law that any contract over £35.00 that you Quote/estimate for you have to give your customer a 7 day cancellation clause from start...
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    2 to 6 year warranty on manufactured goods.

    Have I read this right as published in the tabloids yesterday? Most people think they have a standard 12 month warranty on new goods purchased. Apparently that is not the case, our euronating [ Johnmelad not me ] partners have a directive that says in England and Wales the standard warranty...
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    P.P reinforcement fibre matting for traditional screeding

    The job is screed floor of 6x3 metres to regs with this reinforcing.I cannot find anyone who supplies it! Anyone know, cheers in advance.
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    30 MPH

    I can't believe this! Put bin out this morning go off to work and get home 6pm. The wife has pulled the bin in and it's now got 2x 30mph stickers strapped to it courtesy of the Dorset police, not just mine but every house in the street. Within a few hundred metres of our house there are two...
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    Has anyone had any dealings with this organisation, United Kingdom Customer Protection Agency, It all sounds pukka with regards to their vetting criteria and possible promises of work within your skills in your designated area. I'me thinking of having a go with them but would be gratefull if...
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    skimming artexed wall.

    Happy new year to all, anyone had this before, job was to skim 4 artexed walls, removed high spots of a not to vicious pattern, sealed all walls with Pva, one exterior wall had a suspect patch on it but put a protimeter on it and readings were within normal acceptances. Prior to double skim 3:1...
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    Anyone bothered to have a look at this yet. Seems to me another stealth tax where we all have to attend another health and safety course for for a considerable amount to get certificated to even buy relevant materials.More cotton wool syndrome and coffers to bail out the government methinks :
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    solution to my vivaro fuel pump problem at last

    If its any help the problem on my vivaro turned out not to be the fuel pump as diagnosed by a main dealer but the booster sensor for the pump. What a difference in price as well down from £2500.00 to £178.00. Hope this may help, if anyone is near the Bournemouth area contact me and Ill give you...
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    vauxhall vivaro diesel van

    I have a Vivaro van 04 reg done 41000 miles. Glow plug light is staying on,wrongly diagnosed as 0xygen sensor initially I took it to a main dealer where fault code p105 fuel pump was stored. There is absolutely no difference in performance or consumption and it starts on the button.Has anyone...