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    Glueing floorboards

    Hi, I want to lay strips of birch ply as a budget flooring in my hallway. I would prefer not to see any fixings. I was thinking of using parquet glue but would I have problems with expansion and contraction? Thanks for any insights.
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    Hi, I want to be able to produce neat and accurate half joints in 1"x1" timber. I am thinking of using a Nobex to make the cuts. Any thoughts?
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    Fixing into double plasterboard

    , anyone got a good solution for fixing into a double layer of plasterboard? I tried the metal screw type fixing that I usually use in single skin and it failed.
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    Varnishing weathered timber

    I have maintained my windows with stain varnish for many years since they were fitted. Unfortunately despite my best efforts the timber has weathered. The fibers of the timber have opened up. What would be the best way to treat them? Fill before varnishing, if so with what? Or simply apply the...
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    Thinning undercoat?

    Hi. I am using Dulux Weathershield Trade. Solvent based. I can usually get a nice finish but this time no matter what I do I'm getting brush marks and dragging. Should I thin it down a little? I am reluctant to as the prime objective is protection. Someone once told me that Trade products are...
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    Triple or double?

    Any advice as to wether I should get a triple or a double extension ladder? Storage is not an issue. Safety and manoeuvreability are.
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    Hi, I want to buy an extension ladder to decorate the outside of my house. I have found two sites that seem to offer good but differing products. Two questions I am hoping you can help me with. Is a three stage ladder more difficult to handle than a two stage? Is an extension bar across the...
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    Insulating storage unit in garage

    Hi, I have to move out of my workshop and want to store tools in a lock up garage. I am thinking of constructing a large box inside the garage as the easiest way to protect the contents from damp. My question is how far do I need to go? I was going to use Cellotex but it is very...
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    Whose responsibility to ensure building regs are followed?

    Evening. As the title really. I am working for someone who is asking me to carry out fairly major modifications to a flat in a mansion block. I have mentioned that she needs to be aware of building regs but she has not followed this up. If I carry out the work is she liable or me? It annoys me...
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    Plasterboard for tiling. Straight or tapered edge?

    Hi guys. Got myself involved in another job that I don't know enough about! I am preparing a friends bathroom for tiling. I am using a waterproof tile backer board for the shower area but for areas well away from water I am intending to use MR Plasterboard. The joins will be supported and...
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    External timber detail. Rot!

    Evening guys, I have been asked to replace a timber detail on a Georgian exterior. At first glance you would assume that it would be run in render until you notice that it is rotten and in fact wood. Does anyone have any bright ideas as to what timber would be best to get the profile run in? I...
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    Silicone over silicone?

    Hi this is one of those questions where really I am looking for reassurance but be honest! I applied Dow 785 silicone around the edge of my bath against the tiled wall. I felt that I had been a bit too sparing so the following day I went over the bead with more silicone to give a wider bead...
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    Fein Multimaster

    Hi. I recently bought the Fein Multimaster. I was very dissapointed. The blades only do a good job when they are sharp. This seems to last about two minutes and then they are more likely to screw the job up than anything else. I spoke to my supplier and he cheerfully said "Oh yeah, a lot of...