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    Baxi cutting out

    I have a Baxi 133HE Recently its started switching off early evening. The stat is calling for heat and the boiler isnt saying no flame but only a pipe at the bottom is warm, all rads cold. Some of the rads are std valves (not TRVs) so they'll always be open and are still cold. I'm...
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    Wireless door chime fail

    I bought a siemens wireless door chime, tested it, worked ok, fitted it and noticed it was at best intermittent. Took it back to BnQ and it worked flawlessly Bought it back here, wont work flawlessly I guess something is interfering as my car remote is shorter range at home too...
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    Got planning, in build and neighbour complains

    I'm building a double garage to the front of my house. It has a 40 degree roof so it's quite tall. Subbed planning 2 years ago, gave the neighbours plans and everyone seemed happy. Got approval. Now a neighbour has complained. I asked him about it last night and why he'd gone to the...
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    Double Garage - how much to pay

    I want to build a new double garage, 6mx6m, 40 degree pitched roof with heavy duty beams to support storage. It's on a sloping site and needs decent foundations and a base as there are trees nearby originally, about 2 years ago, a builder said to me 'ballpark 10k' more recently a second...