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    web site

    i have my own basic site set up by a listings company.can i get it upgraded without using this company
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    flights to turkey

    anyone know where i can get the cheapest flights to turkey?been all over the net,but prices seem too high.going end of may/start of june. _______________________ moderator 4
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    i cannot understand why manholes are not on the pavements.i am sick of being bounced around whenever i go into any large town.the same goes for dug up roads.they always sink.what are our taxes paying for.not this pile of crap i know
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    are there any good sites for decorating trades on the net.dulux had a good forum but they just stopped it.i think the reason is that all the decorators were praising up johnsons can't get enough information.i love this work its better to burn out than fade away
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    omega 2.5 v6 1999 auto

    just bought the above motor and find i have a problem showing on the dash that there is gearbox fault.its in the book that i must take it to the dealer for rectification.any ideas?