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    Odd Leak in Flat

    Hi All I live in a top floor of a three storey block. The chap that lives on the ground floor has a leak through his bathroom ceiling whereby it drips now and again. He seems to think its coming from by bathroom as when we run the bath taps and basin taps at full pelt it drips slowly in his...
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    Immersion Timer - Where does earth cable go?

    Hello I purchased one of these timers from a local electrical supplier Just a bit baffled with the wiring as there seems to be no where to connect the earth cable from the immersion and from the mains to the timer? Should the earth wires just be connected...
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    Immersion Heater Timer Burning Out

    Hi All, I've got a problem with my immersion heater timer burning out. A few months the wires leading up to and inside the timer literally burnt/melted. A friend of mine who knows more about this sort of stuff went into the loft to push through some of the grey cable and he put in a...