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    Appliance in same understairs cupboard as gas meter?

    Hello, I need to de-clutter our smaill London house and was thinking to replace the current freezer (which takes up living room space) with a small chest freezer and install it under the stairs with the gas meter and house electrical fuse box etc. The front of this storage area is covered by a...
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    15YO boiler condemned as flue too long??? Please advise?

    Hello, After fixing my Glowworm Swiftflow 75E I decided to get some insurance including a service and safety check. So I did some investigation on the Internet and went for a deal with my current provider’s policy. During the service I briefly spoke to the engineer on the phone, who said...
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    Pump runs for a while then sudden loss of Vs. Faulty PCB?

    My Glowworm Swiftflow 75E has been cutting out after a sudden rise in pressure of 1 Bar. It usually runs for a while before this happens, but the timing is intermittent. 230v AC is entering the pump during normal operation, but just before the rise in pressure the voltage cuts out. I’m...
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    Expansion vessel questions?

    Hello In the picture below, the rubber (bung like) in the opening of the vessel, is that part of the workings or does it need to be removed? I assume it stays. I pressed it with my finger and it is very firm. Also, can I install the vessal horizontal? And do they come factory...
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    Problem with Glowworm combi boiler?

    My Glowworm Swiftflow 75E requires a new expansion vessel. The existing vessel will not recharge and water comes out the valve. After 10 mins of the central heating being on there is a ticking sound and a sudden rise in pressure and shutdown with banging noises. I was thinking to install this 8...
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    Heating shuts down after 10-15 mins; Expansion Vessel?

    Hello, I have a malfunction in the heating system of my Glowworm Swiftflow 75E. After 10-15 of the heating being on, from cold, the boiler shuts down (incl the pump). After 10 or so minutes it comes back on, sometimes requiring the reset button to be pressed. The domestic hot water seems...
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    3 bar safety valve discharging water after new fan fitted?

    I've recently installed a new fan on my Glowworm Swift Flow 75E. However the boiler is running at a higher pressure when the heating is engaged, about 2.5bar. Before the new fan was installed the pressure was just above 1bar. I have not made any adjustments after fitting the fan. This higher...
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    Boiler switches off after 10 secs, but ok when cover off??

    I have just replaced the fan on my Glowworm Swift Flow 75E. When I tested it with the covers off the boiler was functioning correctly. So I put the inner cover back and the outer shell back happy that it was fixed. However when I turned the boiler on again it runs for 10 seconds then switches...
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    Where can I download a Glowworm Swift Flow 75E manual??

    Where can I download a Glowworm Swift Flow 75E instruction manual? I've tried Google and the Glowworm site, but can only find the manual for a Glowworm Compact 75E. Thanks
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    How to remove window in mahogany front door without damaging

    Hi, one of the window panes in my mahogany front door has cracked. How do I remove the tacks in the wooden edging that holds the window in place without damaging the wood? Or will I have to get new edging? If so where in London? Also the treatment on the mahogany is beginning to fade. Is it...
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    Painting newly laid concrete

    I have patched an old window cil with concrete. How long should I wait before painting it?
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    Can I use a solvent based undercoat over water based primer?

    Yesterday I purchased some quick drying white primer and painted my second story outside windows and surrounding area. As it was quick drying I stupidly assumed that the primer was solvent based. It wasn't until I was cleaning the brushes that I realised it was water based. Now, the tins of...
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    Mahogany front door, do I use wax or oil??

    My front door needs touching up with a protecting oil or wax (not sure what was used on it originally)?? Can someone please recommend a product that's good to use for a Mahogany front door (links appreciated). Thanks
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    Fast drying alternative to putty for glazing??

    Is there another fast drying product I can use instead of linseed putty? I need to replace the putty around my second floor windows, but only have the ladder on lone for the next week. This is not enough time for the putty to dry and paint over with white paint. A white coloured product would...