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    Can anybody help me

    Hello this is my first time using this site and still have no response to my questions posed. Can anybody help me find a good plumber who is not going to try and rip me off in the south east london area. your resonse would be much appreciated . Thanks :D
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    some raidiators not working

    I have just moved and have a boiler which no one seams heard of it's called a solaire. well the boiler seams in working order as waters hot and the first two raidiators next to the boiler are hot. but all the rest are cold. not sure if its to do with the valves as the thermosats on the rest of...
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    Help my washing machine pipe is leaking

    Hi all i am new to this site and was wondering if anyone can help me. Myself and my partner have just moved and tried to connect my washer dryer machine to the cold water tap but as soon as i turn it on water spurts out or the connector. i have checked the black seal is in tact on the end of the...