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    Socket For Storage Heater

    Hi all, Need a little help with replacing a socket for a storage heater. The current socket is just a plain white plastic switch. no holes for plug etc. Obviously this is the time of year when the heaters get turned on again but when I flicked the switch it seemed stuck so had a look inside...
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    Triton Shower Problems

    Hi all, I wondered if someone could help me with finding a solution to my shower problem please? I have a Triton Rapide R2 which has been installed for approx. 2 years or so. It has 3 heat settings (cold, warm & hot) plus a temperature control setting. It runs fine on cold & warm but as...
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    Triton Rapide 3 Plus Shower

    Hi all, Just wondered if anyone has any idea about these ahowers? I have problems with it tripping out when turning from cold water only to heat. I've tried replacing the thermal cut out switch but no joy. I'm tearing my hair out & getting near replacing the shower completely but it's only...