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    Water main upgrade but with small 15mm section inline?

    Not really, would have to dig up concrete in a shared driveway to do that.
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    Water main upgrade but with small 15mm section inline?

    It's not that, it's all open plan between the lounge and kitchen. I cant physically get to the corner of the room in 22mm unless I go via the first floor then drop down into the corner. In fact, can't do that either because the toilet is above, and that's tiled too. Pretty sure it doesn't...
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    Water main upgrade but with small 15mm section inline?

    So 32 > 22 > 15 is the best way to go. If 22mm is enough for water, then I would in theory be perfectly fine only using 25mm MDPE on incoming main (even though I will use 32mm regardless)?
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    Water main upgrade but with small 15mm section inline?

    Hi Tony, sorry my mistake in not clarifying why I have the 1 metre in 15mm. I've described this now in my previous replies here; it's goes through an external wall into extension where it has been screeded and tiled. Tail comes out of the floor into stop tap, from there it spurs as necessary to...
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    Water main upgrade but with small 15mm section inline?

    As per my explanation above, the 1 metre 15mm section is going through a wall and then screeded and tiled on the other side. I reason this is not a problem becuase my boiler can only accept 15mm incoming anyway, I couldn't run 22m into it for example. When you say it's fine to run the water...
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    Water main upgrade but with small 15mm section inline?

    Thanks for the response John. I realised that I missed out some detail regarding the 1 metre 15mm section. I'm not referring to the water company run to my meter (bit under pavement), I fully intend on having them replace this section too, as you say using the lead replacement incentive. What...
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    Water main upgrade but with small 15mm section inline?

    Hi all, I'm hoping to upgrade my incoming lead water main with 32mm MDPE in an effort to increase the water flow. However, there would be a small section, 1 metre perhaps, where I need to drop it down to 15mm copper before it splits to service cold water outlets around the house, including...
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    Calculating price by metre

    Hi fellas, My cousin is an old skool painter and decorator and traditionally prices a job by the amount of time it'll take him to complete. He's been asked to quote for decorating a local school's classrooms, but the quote must be in price per metre. I have an idea of how you would go...
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    Armoured Cable connection to CU

    Hi guys, I've moved into a house that has had armoured cable laid from the outside wall of the house down to the garage. I need to get it into the house so I can make the necessary connections in order to get power down to the garage. I have 3 questions about this though: 1. I have the...
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    Is my combi boiler set-up normal?

    thanks fellas - understood!
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    Is my combi boiler set-up normal?

    Thanks whitespirit. I've been doing more reading and came across a few posts where people were suggesting that the boiler senses the return temp on the CH and shuts the boiler down when it reaches the set temp. If this is true, wouldn't that be doing the same thing as a room stat anyway...
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    Is my combi boiler set-up normal?

    Hi fellas, Just moved into a new house which has recently had a potterton combi boiler installed. All radiators have TRV's fitted apart from the bathroom and main bedroom. However, there is no room thermostat or programmer, which seems a bit odd to me? The boiler has a very simple timer...
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    Tripping RCD

    Hi all, About a month ago the main RCD in our CU suddenly started tripping out every 5 minutes. After a bit of head scratching I thought I'd try and turn on appliances independantly to see if they were causing the RCd to trip. When I went to turn the heating on I heard what I would...
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    Selling a house without 'relevant' certificates

    Hi all, We've just put our house on the market and I've been thinking about what certificates I'm required - or likely to be asked for - buy a prospective buyer. We bought the house in January 2006. When we bought it there were no boiler, electrics or Fensa fact I dont...
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    Dulux Trade Satinwood (oil-based) - do I need to thin?

    Cheers oldrope. Have never painted with Satinwood before, but got the Dulux Trade version and thinned it a little with white spirir.....went on beautifully.
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    Dulux Trade Satinwood (oil-based) - do I need to thin?

    Would I be advised to thin the paint a little with white spirit before I paint it? Or should I just paint from the can as is? If I should thin, what percentage of white spirit to satinwood should I be aiming for....10%? Reason I'm asking is because I've applied 2 coats of eggshell and can...
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    Eggshell and Satinwood

    Hi fellas, Just painted some skirting and window board with Eggshell from Wickes, thinking that it's be a non-gloss finish. However, now its dried, its still quite shiny and not the look I wanted. Existing door frames and skirting board in the house have a matt finish to them, and I...
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    Do satin and gloss finishes require different undercoat?

    I need to paint some MDF skirting, and I want to use a satinwood finish after I've undercoated. I have some undercoat in the loft, but when I checked it last night it said that it was to be used when a high gloss will be the top coat. Could I still use this for a satinwood top coat and not...
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    painting 'white' mdf skirting and window boards

    Hi there, I've recently fitted a new MDF window board and MDF skirting from Wickes that all came with that white coating (primer?) that I now want to paint with Satinwood paint. Do I need to undercoat them before I paint or can I just paint straight onto the white finish with satinwood...
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    Silicone sealant or decorators caulk?

    true but the sealant/caulk would be the last thing that gets applied, so surely wouldn't matter...? Paint the walls, paint the skirting then apply the silicone/caulk to give a neat finishing line and hide the join.