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    Laying Porcelain Paver on Concrete Slab

    Evening all, Need a little help / advice. I decided month back...last October that the best way to lay my new patio with porcelain paver was tile adhesive on a concrete slab. I was working on a 1:60 - 1:80 fall. Aco drain installed etc..The area is about 35m2...first time I've laid this size...
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    Stepped Cavity Tray & Lead Flashing Position

    Evening all, Just a quick question, installed stepped cavity trays in the existing wall above single story extension roof. Does the lead flashing installed under the cavity tray extend the full length of the tray? The full length is about 330 - 340mm long and my lead is 300mm wide.....just...
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    Concrete Ring Manhole Removal

    Morning all, I have a nightmare problem, our garden and always been a slight gradient from the back of the house to the fence. I decided that I'd had enough of the wasted garden and had a structural engineer define a retaining wall. While we have all been on lockdown I decided to begin to dig...
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    Plasterboarding over PIR insulation

    I'm after some advice, I have a job that I need to fix plasterboard over PIR insulation boards.....can i stick plasterboard directly onto the surface of the PIR insulation (celotex) board? I then have another instance that the board needs to stand off insulation 10 / 20mm but on a taper as the...
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    Water tight underground chamber

    I'm installing some of the small 12v led marker lights up some steps in the garden. The problem I have is the transformer is a plug, but must be kept in doors. Has anyone used a box or junction box that I could bury in the surface of the garden that is water tight that I could install the power...
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    Copper pipe protection and dot and dab plasterboard

    I'm in the process of replacing a radiator and wondered what the best method of sleeving, protecting, covering the pipework that I have channelled out of the plasterboard. Currently when the heating comes on all the downstairs rad pipework from the ceiling level does this constant clicking...
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    New rad install and fixing pipes.

    Hi all, I am about to install / move a rad, but from when we move into the house over a year ago the pipework to the rads downstairs make a clicking / tapping noise. The pipework comes down the walls behind dot and dab plaster boarding. I've read a bit about this around the noise is likely...
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    Porch Foundation Cross Section

    Does anyone know where I can find a typical foundation cross section that I can follow to build a small porch slab. The walls are already part of the house, all I need to do is dig down and hardcore it, insulate, damp proof and then slab. A good cross section would be great with typical...
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    Retaining Wall

    Good morning all... I've been trying to sort a retaining wall in the garden for ages but never really sorted it. Anyway I've dug out the area "nearly" and am ready to begin the wall. From everything I have read the best option seems to be the hollow blocks on a good foundation with re-bar...
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    Soffit / Eaves GU10 Downlights

    Good Evening, I'm after some advice on what downlights would be best to go under the Eaves, into the Soffit. Am I correct that a IP65 fitting would be sufficent in outdoor conditions? I am only going to install LED lights into the fittings (Philips 4W GU10's) Thanks, Ant
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    Garden / Lawn Drainage......Help and Advice

    Hi, I'm after some advice / help. Moved into a 10 year old home back in December so just over 6 Months now. The back lawn had always been very wet, mossy and generally lack of grass. I was hoping it was just a general over raining issue over the winter, but now I have come to a different...
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    Small section of pipe work replacement

    A very quick question, i just moved into a new house and under the sink where the mains comes into the house there is connections to the sink, outside tap and dishwasher. The previous owner had used some of these clamps that peice the pipe the outside tap is a mess so I was going to replace with...
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    Patch Repair on Ceiling

    I've just moved house any our kind previous owners have removed a number of larger light fitting and replaced with ceiling rose. When removing it had left the ceiling in a right mess in a small area. My plan was to cut back the peice of plaster board to remove the damage and to some joist...