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    Zanussi zhq575 oven element going?

    I have a Zanussi zhq575 oven which tripped the fuse board a few weeks ago while in use - I can't remember if it was during the use of the grill or the top oven. Since then the top oven takes an age to heat up, with or without the fan which still seems to be working ok. Is it all or nothing with...
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    Leaking CH overflow pipe

    My house has an overflow pipe in which water is dripping ever so slightly. I can also see steam coming from the pipe. I think I researched into this before and found that it might be down to a failed valve in the heating system somewhere. The water tank is in an upstairs cupboard but I can't see...
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    Sanding gloss - confused

    I have painted a new external hardwood door and done a first coat of gloss but it needs a second coat. I am bit confused though. There are a few bits and dead flies that have settled on the paint work, so from looking at other posts I think I should wait a week or so for it all to dry and then...
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    Warped front door

    I have a wooden front door which seems to have warped, possibly more so in the current weather. Facing the door from the outside, the lock is on the right-hand side and gap can be seen in the top right corner - not enough to see into the hall but a noticeable gap nonetheless. There is also a...
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    Replacement decking spindles

    I'm looking to replace part of my decking fencing but can't seem to find the right spindle and balustrade. I've looked at Wickes, Jewsons and Homebase without any joy. Are there any stockists online who supply a wide variety of styles? (Decking was installed prior to house purchase a couple of...
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    Shoot bolt won't retract

    I have a uPVC door which was stuck shut last night. I assumed it was the heat. I tried to open the door this morning and it was still stuck. There was give but on the the bolts was clearly still enagaged. Eventually I managed to get it open and discovered that one of the shoot bolts isn't...
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    Leaking roof advice

    Hi, Could anyone please give me any advice on the following, in terms of coping until it is repaired and what the likely problem is. I believe this will be an insurance job and I am a homeowner with no building experience. There has been heavy downpour since, I guess, the early hours...
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    Black substance in shower

    Hi, Firstly, I'm not sure if this should be in the electrics forum instead or in both forums? I think I will cross post it in both later unless a mod tells me otherwise. The main query is that I have an electric shower which is tripping the fuse every now and then. There is a lot of...
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    Potterton F50 banging

    Last night I was sat in my lounge and there was a couple of crashing sounds which sounded like something had fallen off the window sill in the room above, which it hadn’t. Now I think it may have been a noise from the radiator as this morning the boiler (Potterton F50 located downstairs) didn’t...
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    Torbeck valve hum

    I have installed a bottom entry Torbeck valve to fix the previous and now defunct brand. After flushing the water level settles but then quiet often there is a dull humming sound that only ceases if I readjust the float. But often the dull sound starts again and I have to repeat the process. I...
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    Changing a plug socket problems

    Having real problems changing a plug socket. I have attempted to change a single white plastic one for a fancier chrome one. After much effort this attempt has failed, as once all wired up, I can’t seem to get the new socket to move back far enough within the plate box so I can then put the...
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    HW thermostat/CH thermostat conflict?

    I have a thermostat in the hallway and a thermostat on the hot water cylinder. The problem I have is that the hallway thermostat seems to dominates the hot water one – i.e. if the water temp is below the required 55/60 degrees, the boiler won’t heat the water when required UNLESS the temperature...
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    Broken interior doorhandle and door is shut?

    One of my interior doors is shut and the gubbins in the doorhandle has shattered so the latch won't turn. How the hell do I get the door open now?
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    Dust settling on new paint job

    Hi, I've sanded a few window sills and skirting baords down, wiped down with white spirit, undercoated, sanded bristles and bits out, wiped down again, then glossed, then sanded bristle and bits out, then glossed again. But there's still a slightly bitty texture to the paintwork (just on the...
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    CH/HW not working: help

    Hi everyone, I have a problem with my CH System -- I should add that I have very limited experience with CH systems but would like to have some idea of the problem before I call someone out. My system consists of a boiler that heats both the CH and HW, a three-port valve, Grundfis...
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    Help! Strange paint reaction

    Hi, I've just painstakingly painted my lounge walls in my new house but the paint is cracking once dry. However, it's only cracking across a six-inch strip, which I'm assuming is where there may have previously been a border that was probably glued on. Has anyone else every come across this...
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    BT wire clip gun?

    Does anyone know if you can get a tool that clips speaker wire or phone wire to skirting? Apparently BT used to use them. The result is a thin pin in the shape of a U, which is a lot neater than cable clips. I'm trying to source one on the t'internet but am having no luck. Moderator Moved...
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    Kitchen worktop makes?

    Hi there, I'm buying a new kitchen and I'm going to source the worktops seperately. I'm looking for a beech effect. By doing a search on here I've found a few companies to look at (CF Anderson, being one) but am not sure at what make of worktop would be a good bet. I'm not looking for...
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    Sizes of tile trim?

    Just bought some 6mm tile trim, which I now realise is too big. I've tried looking on online store sites for a smaller size but am having no luck. Can you readily get tile trim at 4mm?
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    name for the heating element of an immersion boiler?

    Is there a special name for the heating element of an immersion boiler? I'm trying to find a replacement part online and I am sttruggling.