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    Extractor Fan In Kitchen

    I already have a hood type extractor fan directly above the hob in the kitchen, which now needs replacing. If I was to replace it will i require Part P for the job ? If not my old fan has 3 pin plug on it, will I be able to do the same on the new one ? Thanks
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    Earth bonding in bathroom

    Hi I am having a new bathroom fitted next week. It will have a platic bath, sink, toilet, quadrant shower tray, power shower where the pump is in the airing cupboard in the room next to the bathroom and normal radiator. Downlighters and extraction fan is being fitted to the ceiling. There...
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    Electrics in bathroom

    Hi, I am having an extractor fan and some downlighters fitted in my current bathroom, does the work need to be Part P approved or is it notifiable work ? Thanks
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    Extending a ring circuit in a bedroom

    I need an extra two mains sockets in a bedroom. Can I extend the current ring as non-notifiable or will I need Part P ? Also what would be the allowed ways to extend the current cables under the floorboards as I will remove the current socket I have. Are you allowed to use juction boxes to...