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    Security light replacement bulbs advice

    Hi I've a 6 year old b&q licina blooma security light which was using halogen bulbs. I bought some G9 bulbs hoping to replace the old halogen bulbs and went for these Hoping they would brighten...
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    Cracks between ceiling and wall

    Hi after some advice on what would be best to solve the hairline cracks which keep appearing in our spare bedroom. I sanded them down the other year and filled but they've come back,i think i tried caulk last year.The worst is the spare bedroom where the crack goes the entire length of the wall...
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    Connecting tap tails to isolation valve

    Trying to install a tap in my kitchen I'm a complete DIY Novice, I've cut the copper pipes and fitted isolation valves on. The tap tails I got with the tap are 400mm in length which are way too big, smallest I can find is 300mm so I went and got them but then realised I couldn't fit them onto...
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    Blanco silgranit Sink Discoloured

    Worth a shot wondering if anyone has managed to rescue a blanco silgranit Sink it was anthracite in colour but the middle part has become discoloured. I've been reading online how there supposed to be stain, heat scratch resistant etc I've no idea what's caused the problem ended up with it for...