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    Damp repair/ quote advice.

    Hi all, Moved into our house just over 2 years ago now and have a small area of damp near the back door in the kitchen. This was present when we moved in and was noted on our survey but it wasn't deemed a major issue. This wall in question would have been the old external wall/window frame...
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    Radiator pipe leak

    Hi All, Moved into a house in June and boiler/heating all appeared to be working fine. Got to around october and once we started using the heating more regularly i noticed a small patch of water underneath one of the radiators. not a massive amount and was only noticed after it had dried and...
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    Drain issue

    Hi All, Firsty sorry if this is in the wrong section but wasn't quite sure where to start with this one. I've just moved into a house and have noticed that 2 drain holes along the side of the house look a little bit broken/out of alignment. There isn't any signs of blockage or any foul...
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    Accenta G4 - not enough time to deactivate

    Hi all, Hoping someone can help here. Just moved into a new home which has an accenta g4 alarm with an lcd keypad. Had an engineer to fix it last week... (turns out previous owners replaced a door but forgot to put a magnet back the new door on so it wouldn't set....) anyway the alarm is...