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    Tiling downstairs bathroom

    Hello everyone, I am tiling my downstairs toilet. Tiles will be laid on concrete floor. I am looking some guidance regarding tile pattern. The pattern that fits the best at this area in my opinion is this one: What do you guys think of this pattern? Can you give my any advice or guidance on...
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    Wiring a bathroom extractor fan with a timer

    Good evening everyone, So I am wiring a Turbo Tube Pro 100 4 Inch Inline Fan with Timer. I need some guidance on how to connect some of the wires. The extractor fan should turn on as the switch is pulled to switch a light on, and after the light is turned off fan should run for a set amount of...
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    Wylex old push in fuse replacement

    Good afternoon everyone, Wylex old push in fuse is gone and needs replacing. I believe they hav le been discontinued. I have attached the picture of the old fuse. It says it a 5amp fuse. My question is can this be replaced with a fuse from Screwfix? Link...
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    Nest 3rd Generation wiring.

    Hello everyone, I have a Worcester Greenstart 24i Junior combi boiler installed in my house. I'd like to wire a nest 3rd gen thermostat. The programmer wiring: The thermostat dial wiring (RTS1): It looks like the fused switch is wired in a programmer unit: So switching off fused...