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    Banging Gate

    The local carpenters just installed 3 gates at my fathers house. The problem is witht he wind they bang closed all the time. They have a latch. Is there anything that could be added tot he gates to stop them banging closed? They cannot always close it behind them because of the wheelchair etc...
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    SDS Bits

    I've been given some new SDS drill bits but have no SDS drill. Is there an adapter so I can use these drill bits in my normal combi drill? Thank you as always
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    Painting Cast Alloy

    I have an old cast alloy sign I want to paint. I've sanded it and cleaned it thoroughly. I intend on painting it with Hammerite in dark green and gold. Do I need any king of undercoat or are there better metal paints I could use? Thanks li
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    Angle Grinder

    I have a £120 budget and am looking for a good quality angle grinder. I'd really appreciate your suggestions. Thank you
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    Desk width

    My sons asked me to make a desk for his bedroom. All he needs are legs at either end and a worktop as he needs to move across the desk to get to the Mac at one end and the DJ gear at the other, and so he thought the worktop idea was best as he can slide across to where he needs to be on his...
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    Paint falling off

    We recently decorated our son's bedroom. please see attached photos. The paint is falling off the walls and there seems to be damp at the bottom of the window how do I rectify this to stop the paint from falling off. We live in a rented house and the landlord will not look at the outside windows.
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    Long screwdriver bit set

    Looking for a half-decent quality long bit set. I have a few jobs coming up where these are essential. A normal set is OK but one that will take an impact driver would be better. Thank you.
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    Which screws for 2 jobs

    Hi all Firstly what screws do I need to screw into your normal type of worktop underneath? Not solid wood but the chipboard type of looking one. I am making a bedroom desk with some grey worktop for my son. He has some heavy-duty legs for them (...
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    Wooden bath step?

    Hi all We have a wooden step to get into the bath as it's quite a drop when getting out. It is pine and has been varnished in the past but it is looking shabby and stained now so I wanted to sand, stain and re-varnish it. I have heard Osmo products are good? What are the products I need to stain...
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    Total beginner looking for a chainsaw to do some small tree felling. They are not big, perhaps 10" tops, I don't know whether or not to go petrol, battery or corded. Something I may only use the once so budget around £150 is perhaps my limit. Any advice appreciated. Thank you
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    Sharpening Secateurs

    My wife's Felcos have not been sharpened since we bought them 5 years ago and it's showing. What do I need to buy to sharpen them? I don't want anything electric, I'd prefer to do it manually. Thanks Li
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    I have a varnished pine window sill, around 6 foot long. It has gone a little dull over time so I wish to redo it. What's the best way to re-varnish it? Sand it all back and start from scratch or would a light sand and a new coat of varnish suffice. I'd like it really shiny so don't mind...