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  1. MattLiving

    Bay Window Finish

    Recently moved into a house with rendered exterior and fairly recent work done to it in last couple of years. Wasps found a home recently in it and surveyor did notice there was a gap above the ground floor windows (See image) which insects could get in to To me it doesn't look like a great...
  2. MattLiving

    Patio half covering air bricks

    The paving on a rear extension comes above the lower level of airbrick which I think is 2 bricks in depth(see photo). I would like to ensure best possible airflow through to old section of house so keen to lower . What’s a good way to deal with this as concerned cutting a section out could lead...
  3. MattLiving

    Garage Extension on side of House Damp ?

    I have moved into a recently renovated property (Semi-Detached 1930's) which as a new garage extension to the side. The garage extension is modern breeze block to outside wall and as one wall adjoining side of property such that x2 of the original subfloor vents present in the garage ( which are...