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    Can dark grout potentially fade in the sun?

    Hello! I'm currently having a porcelain patio laid in Town Anthracite; I've attached a picture so far. Originally I was looking at having the EasyJoint jet black or possibly basalt grout. However the landscaper has advised that this could fade in the sun and not be very aesthetically pleasing...
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    Outdoor porcelain laying pattern

    Hi all I'm currently in the process of having quotes to lay a porcelain patio (around 2.4m square) and also a path made with the same porcelain tiles. I have found some tiles that I like and they are 600mm x 600mm. I have read that anything longer than 750mm (which obviously mine would not be)...
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    Do I need to remove conifer roots before having a patio installed?

    Hi! I recently had some conifers taken down and the stumps removed. Shortly after I hired a skip to remove an old fence and some concrete flags. The new fence is now up. I would also like to have a patio installed and some artificial grass so I filled up the rest of the skip with some of the...
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    Fencing over manhole cover - solution required!

    Hi My boundary crosses a manhole cover which I don't want to block access to but I would like to replace the fence with something stronger and more private. My original idea was to use concrete posts and concrete gravel boards as I want it to be as strong as possible and also want to prevent...