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    Broken garage roof - leaking - cracked

    Hi all, please see image below for a problem I have just discovered with garage roof after seeing a puddle of water inside. Really bad rain at the moment so keen to get this solved as quickly as possible (although want a good repair). Pretty sure it's an asbestos roof - this was raised in...
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    Proper varnish/protector for pine fire surround?

    Hi all, hope this is in the right forum, I couldn't find anything more appropriate. I've just got a new oak pine fireplace surround and it's bare wood, I want to protect it with something that doesn't change the colour or make it glossy, but is literally just as close to an invisible protective...
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    Shed trunking broken - exposed cable

    hi all- I have electricity going to my shed and recently looked in the gap between shed and patio and saw trunking visible, broken in the middle with cable visible. I've turned power off and tried to pull trunking up to cover it, but it won't budge. I'm wondering if I can wrap tightly with...