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    Shower fan backdraught problem

    Hi, I have a Manrose in-line shower fan that exits through a roof space and through a pipe that goes up through a flashing plate in a pitched roof. What do people find is the best option to stop back draughts happening? I’ve looked into a back draught shutter that fits on the fan spigot, but...
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    Peeling Farrow & Ball masonry paint over 2 part wood filler

    Hi, we’ve had the brick/masonry/sand and cement windowsill on a Victorian bay painted with Farrow & Ball masonry paint. The builder we use insisted on using a Ronseal two-part wood filler to fill in some of the cracks that were present in the sill. He had raked out the cracks and filled with...
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    Structural support for disabled ceiling hoist

    Hi, I am in the process of planning the fitting of a ceiling mounted disabled lifting hoist and the room it is going in has a ceiling constructed of only 3 x 2 timbers on the rear addition of a Victorian house with a pitched red concrete tiled roof above. I need to create some additional support...