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    Can I do this ?

    Hi I currently have a supply running from my house to my New Garage that is fitted with a Garage consumer unit , and is fed by SWA cable buried at the appropriate depth. At the time of installation , the SWA was run through an empty garage of mine , which currently has now power at all. Is...
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    Poor flow

    Hi my really old large house used to be a real mess in terms of several old heating systems that were cobbled together and extensions to it. Not to mentions redundant pipework from Back boilers and a Rayburn/Aga style device in the kitchen. Now - I have the original gravity fed Potterton...
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    Too many loops ?

    Hi first post and please excuse me if my terminology and understanding of this dark art is poor. My 5 bed house started out as a 2 bed cottage , and I bought it in its extended state. It would appear that the heating system has been extended in a haphazard way. I fully understand that the...