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  1. J

    Thermostatic mixer shower cold feed

    Volunteered to fit my daughters bathroom as she doesn't have the money to pay a tradesman and as I had done similar quite a few times my name was in the frame! I have come up against something a bit confusing and I'd be grateful for some opinions please. On removing the wet wall and (apart from...
  2. J

    Smoke/heat detectors again

    I know this has been done to death but I have read so much conflicting info that I just have to ask, so I apologise for that. I have fitted 3 smoke detectors and one heat detector which I have interlinked and run the cable (1.5mm 3 core and interlink) to the consumer unit ready for connection...
  3. J

    Bitumen shingles in colder weather

    Had a read through most of the forum and I'm still left with a question please. Log cabin with roof 12.8 deg pitch & 19mm tongue and groove roof boards. I have a bitumen underlay to go down onto the boards and my question is with regard to laying the hexagonal bitumen shingle tiles in not so...
  4. J

    damp proof on top of concrete

    I had a 4cm deep 7x4 metre concrete base laid to erect a log cabin and they laid damp membrane between the type one and concrete. The log cabin floor bearers go directly onto the concrete base to support the floor boards and I am wondering if there would be some benefit to covering the whole top...
  5. J

    Can anyone tell me what these are?

    I have some posts with steel supports going into the ground where I assume they have been concreted in. I've searched the web but as I don't know the name for them, I'm hoping someone might be able to tell me what they are called please? Planning a couple of garden jobs where these or something...
  6. J

    2g dimmer to 2g switch issue

    I have searched previous posts and can't seem to find the answer so hopefully someone can enlighten me as to what might be the issue here. I have a 2g dimmer where one switch controlled a ceiling light and the other a pair of wall lights. I want rid of the dimmer so replaced it with a 2g 2way...
  7. J

    Spur from cooker connection unit

    Tiling my kitchen so had to remove electric sockets and I have a quick question regarding my cooker connection unit on the wall. I noticed that the cooker connection unit is connected to the 20amp mcb in the consumer unit via an above unit double pole isolation switch. The cable is 4mm. What...
  8. J

    Kitchen ring main safety

    Had a scour through the forum and I'm a bit bamboozled by the varying opinions and rules etc, so forgive me if this is answered elsewhere. Just decided to gut and replace my kitchen and took interest in the electics as the house was built in 1983 and still has the old fuse box which I will be...
  9. J

    faulty diverter valve

    I have a problem that the heating to my radiators does not switch off despite the wall control unit indicating the CH is off, the heating also does not go off when I turn down the room thermostat. The only way that I can get the heating off is to cut the power to the control unit by switching...
  10. J

    coffee table from sleepers

    Going to have a go at making a coffee table from railway sleepers and I would be grateful for any suggestions at to how best to join this size of timber together so that it is strong and secure. Clearly whatever method I use needs to be neat and out of sight, but also very secure. I did...
  11. J

    Fitting flow regulator to shower

    Have done a search but don't seem to be able to find the info on this. I would like to have a go at fitting a Triton Dover manual mixer shower (not the best I now), I'm clearly not a plumber but perfectly able to route and connect pipes so would like to do this myself. The house runs a combi...
  12. J

    Gas boiler checked but still smells of gas

    My daughter lives in a rented flat which has an old gas boiler (not combi) fitted. 2 weeks ago she smelled gas in the kitchen where the boiler is fitted so did the right thing switching of the mains and waited for Transco to arrive. Transco engineer said boiler was leaking and advised to...
  13. J

    Extending a concrete slab

    Have checked all of the building posts but can't see the answer to this. I have a sectional concrete garage sited onto a concrete slab base, I want to extend the garage by about 2 metres to the width and 1 metre to the length. How can I ensure that the new additional concrete base attaches...
  14. J

    Power to garage, what about earth

    I have read that when running a power supply from the house to a shed or garage, that the earth should not be connected to the house supply but through an earth rod instead. Any advice would be welcome. Also, are there any diagrams available that would explain how to run electricity from house...
  15. J

    Extending cable

    I need to add some length to a plug socket cable to place the socket a bit further along the wall, is it safe to connect the extra cable to the original using a connector block and then insulating tape around the block? John
  16. J

    Halogen Downlights

    I have just bought a set of 5 mains voltage halogen down lighters 50w each. There's a L & N connection on each of the five lamps. I want to connect these into my kitchen but I want to keep the original ceiling light aswell. How do I wire these lamps in? Thanks John
  17. J

    Disconnect roomstat

    I have a room stat attached to my central heating system and I have now fitted trv's so I would like to disconnect the room stat. Could anyone please advise me how this should be done? Thanks John