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    Leaking Isolation Valve

    One of these days a five minute job won't turn into an alldayer. Although after 50 years of Sod's Law, time's running out. :( Just stripped a bathroom basin tap down to reseat. All good until I turn the isolator back on & water is leaking past the screwdriver slot. Doesn't leak in the off...
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    Can't Get Seal to Cistern Fill Valve

    This is doing my head in. Had a slight leak from the feed to the Fluidmaster fill valve. So just as i did around 8 years ago, popped it open & the fibre washer was shot. Replaced it & re-assembled but it won't seal. Pulled it apart & replaced the washer with an O-ring & that won't seal either...
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    Any Smart Meter Installers in the House?

    Trying to assist someone who has had dual-fuel meters (SMETS2) installed by Bulb but the gas meter appears to have failed to initiate comms, so remains dumb. Bulb were referring to a supposed software upgrade that never materialised. He's switched to EDF & they appear unwilling/unable to sort it...
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    Euro Cylinder Issue

    I have a composite front door with a Euro cylinder lock & pad handle. So when unlocking, the first turn of the key unlocks & then opens the latch. Very occasionally the key turns continually in the cylinder. Is this likely to be the Euro cylinder or the lock mechanism? I've removed the...
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    Verge Repair Help Please

    Need some advice on a verge repair please. As per the pic, the board (undercloak?) has dropped & there's a crack through the mortar/cement. This has resulted in a substantial leak. The rest of the verge seems sound so looking for some guidance of what a proper repair would entail, before trying...
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    New Honeywell 3-Way Valve Leaking

    I've just replaced the ball valve plate on my Honeywell 3-way & the shaft is leaking. Any ideas other than a faulty plate?
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    Alternative Materials for Shed Roof, Not Shed Roof Covering!

    I'm wondering why in the 21st century the apparently preferred method of roofing a shed is still heavy wood based sheets, that have to be continually recovered in felt or other coverings to try to stave off the inevitable ingress of water. Anyone used more modern, long-life materials instead?
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    Things That Go Bang in the Night!

    I have a Siemens CU fitted with an 80A/30mA RCCB that covers the whole ring main & cooker. A couple of nights back there was a bang like a power supply letting go & the RCCB tripped. The bang seemed to come from the general direction of the kitchen but I can't be sure. No physical evidence or...
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    Riello RDB Oil Leak

    I appear to have a small leak from the oil pump. Looks to be coming from the joint between the pump cover & main body. But that's only based on where the oil lands on a piece of kitchen roll placed under the pump. I can't actually see it as it's both inaccessible & just a weep. So could...
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    Riello Oil Burner Oil Supply Issue

    Trying to fire a boiler that's been unused for a year. Pump has the usual hex extension with allen head bleed screw. The bleed process seemed to go OK but took a lot of attempts as the pump only seems to run for 5 seconds before locking out. But I eventually got a decent stream of fuel & the...
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    Custom Planed Timber?

    I need to replace the centre slat support on a double bed. It sits in a bracket like a miniature joist hanger but it's an odd size (50mm x 21mm). Do any of the national builders merchants offer a custom planing service? There are online suppliers but the cost with delivery is uneconomical.
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    Testing Honeywell v4073a1039

    So the CH picks one of the hottest days of the year to malfunction. :( Came in this evening while the HW cycle was running & noticed that the rads were hot. The system is fitted with a Honeywell V4073A1039 three-way valve. If I understand correctly, the valve must be somehow stuck in it's...
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    Creda C366e Service Manual

    I believe the controller for the main oven needs replacing as it cuts power intermittently when turned back to off. This kills the timer clock & throws it into auto mode. It's occasionally happened while cooking, causing the oven to shut off. The part seems readily available & not too expensive...
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    Hoover HNMF 2805a Fridge Freezer Fan Access

    The fridge door was inadvertently left open overnight & now won't cool. I tried to remove the panel on the back wall of the freezer to check for ice build-up but the law of sod decrees that one of the screws just turns without undoing. Short of taking a chisel to the lug where the screw sits &...
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    Removing/Refitting WC Pan

    I could do with some help on waste fittings please. I need to remove the pan to decorate & hopefully tidy what looks like a bit of a bodge job. Hopefully here's a pic of three issues: First is the joint in the soil pipe to the left. What is this type of joint & can it be easily broken &...
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    Hoover HNMF 2805A 80 - Controller PCB Replacement

    Further to my other thread I'm reasonably confident that the controller is at fault. I was going to do the sensible thing & get it done by Hoover under their fixed price repair scheme but they can't come out for nearly a week. So I may have to be brave & tackle it myself. Just wondering if...
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    Hoover HNMF 2805a Fridge Too Cold

    This is a Hoover branded frost-free fridge/freezer. I can't get at the back easily for the model number (why can't they put labels inside?). Edit - They do put labels inside but hide them with the saled draw! It's an HNMF 2805A so thread title amended. It's approx eight years old & as far...
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    Terminal Guards

    Hopefully someone can assist my with my quest for a replacement terminal guard. It's for an oil burner & the flue is 5" diameter & protrudes from the wall 7.5" (125mm x 195mm). The current square guards I've used just don't last as they quickly rust through so I'm looking for a stainless or...
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    Laminate Floor Audibly Cracking When Walked On

    I laid a Balterio ClickXpress laminate floor around six months ago & it's started to "crack" when walked on. It didn't so this initially but is slowly getting worse. It's all over the floor, not in one point. Room is approx. 18' x 12'. It was installed onto pre-existing thermoplastic tiles on...
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    Hiding Laminate Expansion Gap Around a Marble Heart

    How to hide the expansion gap around a marble hearth? The manufacturer of the flooring (Balterio) offer matching edging strips so I bought those with the laminate, but now have second thoughts. The edging works like a door bar in that a plastic channel is fitted to the floor & the edging...