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    Help connecting 40mm anti-syphon p trap to 40mm sink waste?

    I've just got a 40mm anti syphon p trap to replace a normal sink u-bend (to fix gurgling sink issues). The upright part that should connect to the sink waste is 40mm, but as the sink waste is also 40mm there's no way for them to slot together. At the other end, the p trap is large enough to...
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    Has my loft insulation been laid correctly?

    Can anyone tell me if my builders' approach to laying loft insulation is a problem or should I let it go? My husband laid 200mm of glass mineral wool before the builder raised the joists to then lay a further 200mm in between and then lay boards on top to provide loft storage. The problem, I...
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    Fitting bamboo floor in bathroom - under/around shower??

    I'm having a new bathroom fitted and bamboo flooring installed. (horizontal carbonised) The experienced floor fitter has no concerns about installing this floor type in the bathroom, and recommends installing the flooring before fitting the shower tray on top, but my plumber has concerns...
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    Damp rising from skirting but no signs of where from?

    I first noticed a patch of damp on my living room wall over 6 months ago. The patch is next to the door to the kitchen, and where the wall meets the kitchen. Directly on the other side is a storage space off the kitchen, which is below the stairs. There are no signs of damp elsewhere. I drew...
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    I've just had a new mixer tap fitted on kitchen sink and now our combi boiler is being triggered even when the tap is set to draw cold water. This should only happen when the tap is drawing from hot. It doesn't happen when the tap is only turned half on, only when it's on full. This never...