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  1. nevkimbers

    Tribune unvented cylinder - turn off hot supply?

    Hi I have a Tribune HE unvented cylinder. I have a leaky sink tap in the bathroom which i want to replace the washer on, however I can't seem to stop the hot water flowing. Photos attached. I have closed off the red tap at the top. (black arrow) This seems to be the hot supply to the...
  2. nevkimbers

    Scratch finish on rendering - missed areas. How to resolve?

    We had some coloured rendering done about 4 weeks ago. A scratch coat was applied and then a second coat which was finished using a scratch float. The renderer however has missed several spots which is spoiling the finish. We've asked the guy to come back. We do have 5 bags of leftover render...
  3. nevkimbers

    Outdoor Porcelain tiles. 10mm or 20mm thickness.

    Hi, We're looking at re-laying out patio. We've seen both 10 mm and 20mm tiles, the 20mm tiles are of course much more expensive. Would we really need 20mm tiles? Or would 10mm tiles laid on an appropriate surface concrete/cement be ok?
  4. nevkimbers

    Cost for lifting patio, prep and re-tiling + wall.

    We are Getting an extension built and are waiting on a quote from out builder for a patio. We are supplying the tile, but what kind of price can I expect for lifting an existing patio ( flag stones ) prepping and re-tiling. Approx 26 sq metre. We've also asked for a short garden wall, approx...