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  1. marty3

    Setting out a garden fence at right angle from house

    I am attempting to put a fence up along a rather large (150ft) garden. The actual fencing process itself I am ok with having completed fencing at the front of the property successfully. My question is one of setting out. I need to fence to be at a right angle from the house and to extend in a...
  2. marty3

    Sister joists with plywood instead of C16

    I am about to put a chipboard new floor down in a bathroom and want to level the existing joists as they slope towards the party wall. It is only a very small span (1m) that needs levelling as the floor that sits underneath the bath has not been removed. I have looked at sistering the joists...
  3. marty3

    Use expanding foam to close cavity round window

    I am replacing plasterboard round a UPVC window. I have already added expanding foam round the window frame to close up any gaps. But I also want to close up the cavity round the window, am I safe to use a small amount of expanding foam for this?
  4. marty3

    Concrete steps with slabs on top, mortar bed size

    I am in the planning stages of building a 3m long retaining wall with 2m wide steps in the centre. I am planning on constructing this with forms and pouring concrete. I am designing the steps to have concrete slabs on top for a nice finish so want to work out the tread and rise that gets the...
  5. marty3

    35x80 Ceiling Joists - Equivalent size?

    I am about to embark on a loft hatch enlarging project, I am trying to find some appropriately sized timber so I can sister some joists. My current joists measure 35x80mm, I can't seem to find a direct replacements. Is this an older joist size that is no longer used?
  6. marty3

    Void filled with bricks underneath front garden?

    Not sure if this is the right place for this, building might be more appropriate... I am attempting to install a fence post in my front garden against a retaining wall. I have dug gown about half a metre and have uncovered a void filled with bricks. Is this normal? I am assuming it is where...
  7. marty3

    Insulating a Catnic lintel

    I am on a mission to stop draughts and increase efficiency whilst redecorating. I am about to put plasterboard back up over a catnic lintel that looks like this... I have noticed that you can get catnic lintels that have a polystyrene filling, I was thinking of either stuffing it with...
  8. marty3

    Rockwool - RWA45 VS Sound Insulation Slab

    I have just insulated a stud wall with Rockwool Sound Insulation Slab Now I need smore more for the rest of the walls I have noticed that Rockwool RWA45 is about half the price and looks to be the same product. I have been trough the datasheets for both products but haven't been able to work...
  9. marty3

    About to apply Soundcoat Plus pargecoat to a wall - Any tips?

    I am a total beginner to plastering / rendering other than filling the occasional ding in the wall. I am planning on applying a parge coat of Gyproc Soundcoat Plus to an internal party wall which is constructed of aerated block. The instructions call for a 6mm thick layer so I have purchased...
  10. marty3

    Adding extra joist and new hanger

    I am trying to gain as much usable space in a bedroom during a remodel. With a king sized bed in the room it is a bit of a squeeze to get past, so every inch counts :D I am planning on adding an extra 8ft 3x8 joist so that I can move the stud wall back by 3 inches. The image below demonstrates...
  11. marty3

    Unable to find 115mm Aerated Block - Alternatives?

    I am trying to replace some missing blocks in my wall after a boiler has been removed I am struggling to find aerated blocks in this particular size 215x440x115mm The closest I have been able to find is 100mm, would this be ok to use or am I better off trying to locate the 115mm versions...