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    Central Heating - Boiler

    I have a Baxi Bermuda back boiler approx. 30 years old. Can this be replaced or do I need to install a new central heating system?
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    TV Recorder

    My lady friend has a Hitachi TV flat screen about 5 years old. She was connected by cable (Virgin) for programmes. She has stopped a subscription and now has the basic programmes that we are familiar with on Freeview. (she is still connected to cable for TV and broadband) She wants a recorder...
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    TV Recorder

    Good Morning, I would be grateful for some advice Please. My lady friend has a Digital Toshiba with Freeview pre installed. She cannot afford Sky, BT or Virgin (to be honest she did have a virgin box but returned it, trying to keep her expenditure down). CAN SOMEONE PLEASE advise if can she...
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    Power Shower Pumps

    Hello I am looking for simple advice and would be grateful for contributions. I presently have a Salamander Pump CT50P. Its just a basic pump I have been so so with it but now after about 5 years the hot water flow has stopped rather having it repaired I rather change it for a different model I...
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    Honeywell HCW80 Thermostat - with Relay

    Will someone please help me.? I have a Vaillant boiler no problems. This morning I discovered that my water and radiators weren't working. I went downstairs and fiddled with the Thermostat moving it up and down went upstairs discovered the boiler started to fire and all was working. This...
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    Bathroom Ceiling Mould

    My bath/shower has a very low ceiling and obviously stars to collect mould. I clean de mould paint it etc. etc. My question as this is a small part of the ceiling. Is it advisable to tile the ceiling or is there another long lasting method to keep out the mould. Thank you
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    Oven Bulb

    I have a Creda fan assisted oven model 48251 (Cabaret) I purchased this oven in 1994 I have to replace the bulb sometime ago. Last year the bulb fused and I purchased a 25 watt oven bulb from ASDA (very inferior quality) they blew in days. Last month I saw Osram 25 watt oven bulbs in Tesco's...
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    Honeywell ST9400C programmer

    Hello Can someone please help ? I mentioned a few days ago that I was having trouble with the thermostat re the hot water. Well I bought a new thermostat I switched off the power and dismantled the thermostat from the hot water cylinder. Well I discovered that the negative wire was loose...
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    Honeywell Thermostat L641A1039

    Hello Folks, Before I ask for help, I would like to thank members for helping me solve various problems in the past. Question ? I would like to know if my Thermostat (above) is at fault or the motorised valve. I have 2 motorised valves. In short I believe the water is far above the 60 degree...
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    Fault with clock radio

    Hello, I don't know if this is the right place to air this topic if not someone please advise me. I have Roberts Clock Radio model CRD33 a beautiful radio had it a few years it has a large analogue clock face with an additional digital read out just like a watch. I like it very much...
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    TV Reception

    I live in an area where TV reception is difficult so the houses have very tall outdoor Ariel's. My Ariel lead comes in through the bedroom window and with the aid of adaptors and enhancers I have connections to 4 TVs. in the bedrooms (The reception is perfect) For the 5th TV, the Ariel...
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    Transfer VHS tapes to computer for DVD

    I have abt 20 vhs tapes I wish to transfer them through my computer to DVDs. I bought a product called EzGRABBER. Unfortunately it has not performed as well as I would have wished it would in fact it is just not working on the 32 bt desktop and only partially works on the 64 bt Any suggestions...
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    Hello, My boiler is working well, however as an idiot I just cannot figure out hot to set the water and heating controls on the boiler. Valliant instruction say turn clockwise to increase and anti to decrease temperature. Well I have done that and all sorts of numbers move past. And when I...