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    Anyone noticed any difference in the smell/fumes from Satinwood/ oil based eggshell and undercoat? I'm a wee bit asthmatic and i've been very short of breath when working with these products. In the past i've had issues in confined spaces with oil based paints but today I was in a staircase with...
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    Hi Guys I'm Grant, my question is, I bought my son a laptop for his Christmas around three years ago, last year we bought him Championship manager 2010(I think) but he was unable to play it, obviously not up to spec. We have suggested maybe buying him one this Christmas, so here comes the...
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    Ok What brushes are you guys using for oil based paint these days? I use Purdys for water based but find them and the likes of Perfections too long when new for oil. Never been one to thin paint just to make it easier to put on, yes if it's really gungey but not just to thin it. So what would...
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    Kitchen units

    Right guys here we go again, i've been asked to paint the doors on the kitchen units on a job i'm doing. I've loads of experience but as mentioned before, been out of touch the last few years. I've already been advised to get Gardenia Satincoat but what's the best way of applying it? Foam...
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    What do I charge?

    Ok As mentioned before, I've been off work due to heart problems since Oct 2007, wasn't allowed to do anything active, had my op in May 2008 and for the next two years was a security guard. During that time I had my eyes opened as to how the building trade had changed, none of the sub...
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    Kiotchen doors

    Hi been asked to repaint a kitchen, also been asked to do the cabinet doors. What's the best treatment? Sugar soap strong enough to clean them? What about finish, was thinking oil based eggshell or satin. Believe it or not, never been asked before.
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    Ford Mondeo

    Hi my mk3 Ford Mondeo has a problem. When I got it, it was burning a bity of oil but then it started running on 3 cylinders, my garage tried a new set of plugs but that only worked for a day, was told that one of the plugs was oiling up? been quoted £500 to repair it, New piston rings, timing...
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    New Boiler

    Worcester Bosch, who have been servicing our Worcester Bosch 350 Combi for the last number of years, have informed us that from November they will no longer service it. Not surprised as it's 18 years old but it hasn't caused us much grief. It presently runs 8 rads, none of them that big. Any...
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    Ford Mondeo

    Hi me again, The car I bought is a Y REG 2001, I note there are 5 studs on each wheel, I was offered 5 alloys from a Ford Mondeo 16" but it looks as if they only have 4 studs, is this from an older model?
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    Ford Mondeo warning light

    Hi all, Ok i'm an idiot, bought a Y Reg Ford Mondeo at auction today, now this is not my first foray at said auction and quite expect to have to replace brake pads, wiper blades, the odd wheel bearing but this one, whilst driving home I was aware of what I thought was afore mentioned brake pad...
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    240v Halogens

    Hi bought some 240v hologens that came with the most basic instructions, how do you fit the spring clips to them? The diagram is no more than a pencil drawing that tells me nothing. Realise it's probably simple but want to do it right.
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    Wall fixings

    Simple question What size drill bit should I use for 8mm hammer in fixings?
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    Mains Halogen lights

    Hi guys, I am lowering my hall ceiling so that I can fit 5 Mains halogen lights. Can't get access above as we are a bottom flat. At present we have a Fluorescent light, How do I configure the wiring prior to putting the plasterboard up? My electrician pal was supposed to do it but has taken ill...
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    PC Died

    My not so old PC has developed a problem. When I switch it on, nothing comes up on the monitor, I know the monitor works, as i'm using it now. tried it with another monitor and the same. It sounds as if it's powering up as usual. What could the problem be? Please don't get too techy.