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    What am I missing?

    That was the first thing I did
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    What am I missing?

    There's cables in a void that you can see from the loft but can't get to. May be a junction box
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    What am I missing?

    I've checked them all today ,nothing found. on a hunch ,I checked the sockets ,in the new part of the upstairs bed room the sockets are fed from the downstairs ring so there are 2 circuits feeding the room so I think the lights are the same. Going to start cutting holes in walls
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    What am I missing?

    I've been called out to a house where half the lights are out but the circuit breaker has not tripped This happened after a couple of bulbs blew and only affects the extension that was put on 10 years ago I've checked all lights and switches ,no loose connections, all lives and neutral are...
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    RCD tripping in new build help

    Had a similar problem at the weekend eventually found a neutral fault Why is the alarm going off the battery should kick in when the power goes down Steve
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    Clarity on 17th Edition

    Sorry Joe,a cooker circuit is a seperate circuit from your ring main
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    How did you get 32a and 4mm cable calculations?
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    what am I missing?

    Sorry ,should've said greater than 1 meg. Its a 10amp breaker controling all electrics going into a large juction box which then goes into a fused spur for the lighting circuit.Replace the fuse it works fine. Put a customer in the room and it still works but randomly over the next few days it...
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    what am I missing?

    Got a call from a hotel about a room where the lights have tripped, checked it out not good,bedside lights wired from L2 on bathroom light switch etc.Changed to permenant live replaced fuse everything good. 10 days later got a recall,powers off again checked found bathroom light had loop to...
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    How do you plan to join then hide the joint?
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    Three Phase Circuit Breakers

    Can three single phase circuit breakers[one on each phase of course]be used rather than a three phase breaker?
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    indesit wixe 127 washing machine

    No power going to control panel,but power going to the rest of the machine,any ideas?
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    To hardwire or not to hardwire my oven?

    fusing it downs the best
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    Hinge size advice needed

    Get the nearest size you can put on three hinges and look at your door frame.the screw holes are worn and not holding your door.Take the screw up a size if you can if not glue and dowel the old holes
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    Alternatives to sealant

    Fill the bath half full of water so it flexes then silicon let it dry then empty water
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    B and Q Bamboo flooring

    Its good stuff straight forward to fit and a good finish when down
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    Painting a shed

    Is it a wooden shed?
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    Painting a shed

    what kinds on it just now?
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    Caple Range Cookers

    I worked for a student housing company who used to install caple by the hundreds.They were a nightmare most broke down ,spares were hard to get wouldnt recommend them at all
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    Join in Alarm Cable?

    you can get connection boxes for alarm cable