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    Leak in utility room

    Hi, We bought a bungalow, a year ago from an elderly neighbour, they had just fitted an air source heat pump system and had the old boiler removed in the utility room and the ASHP cistern put in its place. Last week week we noticed a whooshing sound coming from the utility room and noticed a...
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    Tiling comedy of errors. Help needed.

    Hi all, I'll try and keep this as brief as possible. I rented out our house August 2016. Three months prior to renting I refurbed the ensuite shower room (not big) by stripping out the original dob and dab non moisture resistant plasterboard and replacing it with 12mm thick marine ply (which...
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    Floating floor?

    To cut a long story shortish. There was a flood which ruin the kitchen floor in 2009. It took two years for the insurance company to settle. The 'master builder' that I got in (stupidly) to repair the floor was also a friend. He lifted up the kitchen floor which was made of blown non moisture...
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    Reducing size of patio door frame width from 1880 to 1810

    Hello all, First time joiner and poster here. I have an existing Aluminium patio door with a brick width of 1810. It was installed with the house and had been in our living room and on the house for over 13 years. For the past three years (autumn/winter) the living room has been very...