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    Bubbling toilet and sink drainage problem.

    we have recently had a new bathroom fitted. Since the fitting we keep having the same problem in that the toliet blocks easily with water rising very high then eventually draining away. It doesn't at seem to take more than one or two small sheets of toilet paper. The toilet and sink is a...
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    Potterton boiler problems

    Hi I'm new to all this- I did post earlier but I've lost it!!!!! Sorry for my ignorance. Anyway down to the problem. I have a Potterton Suprima boiler. I am having problems with the central heating system. When it is turned on the pilot light on stays on for a short time but then goes off...
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    Potterton suprima problem

    Can anyone help? We are having problems with our central heating.The pilot light keeps going out. The indicator light changes from intermittant flashing green to permanent green and sometimes flashing green alternately with flashing amber. The reulat is radiators that get to lukewarm at best...