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    Hanging kitchen cupboard in garage

    Hi, I'd like to put a spare kitchen cabinet up in my garage for extra storage. It has the following fixing as per the photos. Can anyone kindly advise what wall bracket/fixing I'd need in order to hang this securely to the brick wall? Many Thanks
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    Creating Space In Garage 'Loft'

    Hi, I'm looking to utilise my single garage space by part boarding the top section as per the pictures for a few domestic items (Xmas decorations, old clothes, a few books etc). Nothing too heavy at all. I'm a bit of a DIY novice but want to give it a go so is there a way of doing this safely...
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    Toilet Pan Well Nut Issue..

    Hello - I have two blind holes on my toilet pan in which there are well nuts that are used to attach the toilet seat. Recently the seat became loose so I removed one well nut but can't seem to shift the other. When trying to screw it out, the bolt just turns and nothing happens (the fitting...