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    Salamander pump fault lights

    So have these fault lights on my pump and was working great for years but now this has happened? Is there a fix for this I can do or is it a dead pump many thanks
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    Nest 2nd gen goes orange on app but does not turn boiler on

    Nest 2nd gen goes orange on app as to say it’s on but does not turn boiler on, so nest connects to the base wireless fine and to the app on phone fine press on on the phone and it turns orange to say it’s on but the boiler does not click on This has just started happening and was working fine...
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    Baxi Solo he 24 red fault light

    Hi My Baxi fires up for about 2 secs then goes off does this about 5 times and then the red fault light comes on so then have to reset but sometimes takes 6 attempts to stay Light sequence red off green I think this ignition lockout I cleaned the condensate bit and also took the the cover...
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    baxi solo he A 24 HEAT EXCHANGER

    Hi I have just swapped this Baxi solo he A 24 HEAT EXCHANGER over as there was water coming out of the side i am not a boiler engineer but i was wondering as theres nothing wrong with the exchanger just this cap thing popped out the side is there a way of fixing it or is it shot?
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    Draining the radiator system.....How to?

    Draining the radiator system.....I have this system in the garage and if i screw the red button at the top above the gauge it drains water outside do i need to anything else like switch the mains off? o?
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    Vita spa hot tub power then no power

    I have a vita spa hot tub been working fine but sometimes when I open the lid there is no power , press the buttons on control panel and nothing! Then come back to it later and it’s running through it’s cycle and working fine all pumps,jets,heater everything works Checked all breakers and...
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    Built in Triton shower pressure

    Hi My built in Triton thermostatic mixer shower has low pressure when turning to more hot water. I did take out the thermostat cartridge as the dual controls were stiff so I cleaned it and greased and are now much smoother but has not sorted the pressure out ! Do I just need a new cartridge...
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    Nest 3rd gen heat link wiring connections?

    I'm interested in installing a nest 3rd Gen in my house now it can cope with Hot water and heating. Had a look at the current setup which is a Honeywell Timer for Hot water and Heating which seems to be wired as follows. so the first pic is what i had so i just wired in the new heat link the...
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    14kw pool heater ....What trip switch to buy for fuse box

    Hi Ok so i moved house and brought the 14kw heater wire with me so i need i to wire it in the fuse box in the new house. So i have the 14kw heater and all the SWA armoured core 10mm 3 core wire and fixed the commando box to the wall and tapped the wire in along the wall using clips/cleats to...
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    scantronic 9600 tamper battery failure

    Hi I have a scantronic 9600 alarm and the sounder went off last night repeatedly so i disconnected the speaker, it says TAMPER BATTERY FAILURE ! And i cannot reset. Can anyone tell me what to do in this case, i did pop the cover off the main keypad but i could not see a battery in there? Or...
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    Airflow icon 15L Timer

    Hi I have a airflow icon timer unit and all is well it turns on when i put my light on but as soon as i turn the light off the fan goes off? Is this right i thought the timer bit is supposed to run the fan a bit longer after switch off?
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    Radiator size?

    Simple question...What size radiator do i need to replace one in the hhall way which measures 64cm w and 74cm h Thanks in advance
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    Wet Conservatory Ceiling. ..Condensation?

    My conservatory ceiling windows and white plastic bits are getting wet to the point where it collects in the white bits then drips out or down the wall. Do i need to heat the conservatory at night or do i need to leave the ceiling fan at night on to circulate the air, I thought there might...
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    Baxi HCA24 led. Fault

    Hi Just had a fault come up on my baxi hca 24 which is 1 steady red light and 2 green flashing I pressed the reset button but after about 15 seconds the lights come back. I have a 3 port valve but there is no resistance when pulling the lever it stays where ever you leave it could this be...
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    saniflo non return valve

    hi just moved into a house with a saniflo which is connected to the toilet and sink and shower basin, but when in the shower it does not drain away very quick and you end up standing in 2-3 cm of water. Also when turn the tap on and drain the water some water comes up out of the drain in the...
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    upvc window seal gap..bowed

    hi. I have a upvc window which lets a draft in, but all the seals are good but the left hand seal is not touching the window it looks bowed or when closed its not pushing against the seal, where the handle side is right side seals nice but left side not a good seal is there a adjustment I...
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    Radiators work.....but not hot water?

    Hi,, just noticed I have no hot water but the central heating works so heats water up? but I have no hot running water any ideas?? thanks in advance ALso looked in my airing cuboard and the controls are on and working.
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    mountfield laser made by tecumseh

    hi wonder if anybody could help i need a whole new top or recoil for a mountfield laser made by tecumseh just wondering where i could get a part from?? pic is attached cheers
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    Mountfield rv45 150cc not starting

    Hi I wonder if anybody can point me in the right direction I have a Mountfield lawnmower rv45 150cc and it does not want to run I have Checked the spark plug and it works and the strange thing is if I spray carb cleaner into the carb it starts up for 1-2 secs and then dies. Is there...
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    Baxi wm 70/4 boiler service HOW TO

    Hi my fan went on my baxi boiler wm 70/4 so it would not ignite the gas as the fan was broke, so I took the fan out and had a look and as I manually turned the fan myself I noticed a little bit of resistance in turning so I gave the bearings a good blow out or clean then sprayed with WD 40 into...